Two Judgey Girls



Ep. 280

The Summer House shake up really has us in our feels as we mourn the loss of Luke, Alex, and Andrea. In Atlanta, the women are still trying to decide if "Drop It With Drew" is a legitimate business or if she spent more at Fedex than the rental space for the day. Kandi avoided the workout at all costs and Kenya showed up late ready to fight Marlo. Team Kenya or Team Marlo? In Beverly Hills, Kyle wore a leotard to perform her famous trick for Garcelle’s 55th birthday. Garcelle had a Birkin cake and Diana brought a $4 million Birkin (or was it $250k?). Sutton, the vegetarian eating bacon, asks Diana about her bed rest and Diana wants to head butt her. Sutton thinks “that’s not nice” and calls her soulless, which apparently is where Kyle draws the line. Come enjoy a spicy marg with Erika and judge with us!

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