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  • 11. Emmi and Luke from The Torstig Bar

    This week Trev has a good chat with the guys from Torstig Bar about their journey and their upcoming, exciting plans. Catch them at:
  • 10. The Big American Moan - How when you least expect it, your greatest challenages and fears appear

    Trev gives us his personal account of his recent trip to the West Coast of America. Five days in the heat of the desert, a nod to his late father and a trip to Bright Light City to see one of the most sought after shows in recent history, did not come without issue. Despite the excitement, Trev was struck with homesickness, loneliness and all round sadness. Like one of his fiction novels come true, Trev had to deal with personal inner demons and a darkness he felt had long since passed, in this retelling of one man's first world problems. Trev deals with addiction, living in the modern world and searing anxiety as he gives us a step by step account of his 'once in a lifetime' trip.
  • 9. Episode 9 - Trev and Phil do Single Dads, Fathers 4 Justice, and visits from aliens!

    Lovely to have the old boy back, like slipping into a comfy pair of undies, we get right to it talking about Phil's recent visit from the other side. Whether it was angels, aliens or high fever, listen to Phil's experience as whatever happened he got an operation out of it. And he didnt have to wait two years on the NHS! We move swiftly onto the more difficult issues of single dads and the fight the face for proper rights. Enjoy!
  • 8. Episode 8 - Richard from Clean Break Brewing

    Here I talk to Richard about his life inthe boozy whlesale industry before he started Clean Break Brewing and began his journey towards self-actualization!
  • 7. Episode 7 - Sarah Drage and stigma around Alcohol

    The rather wonderful Sarah Drage today! Sarah needs no introduction, however she is the founder of Warriorkind and advocate acroos the board for alcohol use, sharing her story about the sad passing of her father. I must admit this got me quite emotional as Sarah's story is real and it is quite beautiful the way she fights the good fight every day!
  • 6. Escape the Matrix with Sentia Spirits

    Colin returns for a fuller and more interesting dive into sobriety and how it looks in those first few months. We talk about the nature of reality and what human purpose on earth is. Are we kept under wraps by our reptilian overlords? Or are these all psyops designed to keep you in fear and confused and reaching your true potential? Is it really just coincidence that 54 or Hillary Clinton's workforce have died in mysterious circumstances? Who knows???!!!!We also try a delicious drink from Sentia, mixed by an upcoming mixologist, Tnaesha Twohig. ANNOUNCEMENT: We are disappointed by the sound quality, we are getting it right and like Goldilocks and the three bears seem to have gone from one extreme of Colin sounding pants to now Trev sounding pants. We know the issue so will definitely resolve for the third one. Its because Colin insists on coming over and have a true human connection each time we record. What a git!