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Debunking 10 myths of the European Union

Tune into this video to learn the truth of 10 myths of the European Union.

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  • You Expected Russia To Sell You Gas?

    DW made a documentary about Russia weaponizing gas, but each of the superpowers weaponize their chief asset in a conflict, for Russia its gas, the EU, its market and the US its dollar and while DW's documentary is misleading, what is absurd is the EU expecting Russia to continue uninterrupted gas sales. tune in for the details.
  • The Untold Secret That Could Have Transformed US-Russian Relations [EXCLUSIVE]

    In this EXLCUISIVE video you will learn the secret why it was in the the United States best interests to have pursued strong relations with Russia and how the United States is already harmed and what policy makers missed!
  • Vladimir Putin Spills the Beans on His Religious Views-Tucker Carlson Interview

    During Tucker Carlson's interview he asked Russian President Vladimir Putin his views on religion. Putin spilled the beans and you will want to tune in to hear his surprising response. Tune in to hear Putin's thoughts religion in a diverse society.
  • Rejection of Putin's Olive Branch -Interview Tucker Carlson

    In Tucker Carlson's interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin , Putin made it clear that he had tried to embark on relations with the United States and he extended an olive branch to the United States and was rejected, the rest is history. You don't want to miss this commentary. Watch now!
  • Ripping It Up- Josep Borrell's 10 Point Israel Palestinian Peace Plan

    Discover the 10 key points of Josep Borrell's proposed peace plan for Israel and Palestine in this insightful video and why Benjamin Netanyahu kicked the plan to the curb. With tensions high in the region, this plan offers a biased path towards resolution. Don't miss this important discussion on the future of peace in the Middle East as Erika Grey rips into the points in the plan.
  • Tucker Carlson Punished with Travel Ban???

    Democracy has gone out the window in the suggestion that Tucker Carlson be banned from traveling to Europe by a leading Europhile because of his trip to Russia for his journalism. Some are proposing this punishment due to his controversial and alternative viewpoints.
  • I cant believe Trump Said This-He Sparked the EU Army!

    I can't believe what President Trump said behind closed doors! Watch this shocking clip where he reveals his true thoughts on European defense. It turns out, his comments sparked the push for an EU Army. Find out all the details in this eye-opening video. Don't forget to subscribe for more mind-blowing revelations!
  • Someone Has To Say This About the Disqualified Russian Olympic Skater

    On January 29, 2024 Yahoo Sports reported that Russian Olympic skater Kamila Valieva had been disqualified and served with a four year ban. Tune in for an exclusive report.
  • Inside the Battle: Biden vs. Putin over Russia's Imperialism | Map Analysis

    In this broadcast we examine a statement by Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov answering the question if Vladimir Putin plans to wage war beyond Ukraine, which is Joe Biden's voiced concern via key members of the US military along with many other academia and politicians. In a map you will see the answer and get some insights into Joe Biden's policy and into the person of Vladimir Putin and if Russia today is imperialist.