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274 - The Brand Manager For Sex: Kaufmich

Season 4, Ep. 274

Melissa is the brand manager for, Germany's biggest pay-for-sex community. After an introduction to the adult industry in Barcelona, exploring her sexuality and finding financial stability as a Sugar Baby, Melissa accomplished her vision of a marketing job by the sea. A move to Ibiza post-covid opened up a whole new world of self-care and peace for Melissa, where she also now teaches yoga to women who live with chronic pain and anxiety. The hosts chat with Melissa about an inclusive future for Kaufmich, and her experiences as a woman working within an adult business that passionately looks to support sex workers and change common misconceptions.

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  • 283. 283 - Artemis Luxury Wellness

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    Jeremie and Bryde chat with Dr. Harper about the number one concern about sex expressed to her by her patients and a surprising behavioural health tool that can be used as a science-backed intervention, and they cover the Rosy app and what is unique about its approach to sexual health. Tune in to hear about HSDD and its significance to our mental and sexual well-being.For more information check out:
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    Alison Rey is a multi-award-winning adult performer and model who has been working in the industry for a decade. The hosts chat with Alison about the many hats she wears including producer, director, and production manager in the adult film industry, current publicity stunts unfolding on the internet these days, and what it's like to date colleagues versus dating "civilians". To find out what else Alison is up to, check out her website,
  • 280. 280 - Doula By Day, Dom By Night

    Gem Kocher is a non-binary queer feminist coach and pro domme who was formerly a full-spectrum doula. They are passionate about reproductive justice and sex work and the hosts got to chat with them about normalizing straight, monogamous couples booking an escort, and sex and intimacy after childbirth. There are many gems in the conversation. You can find them on at Goddxss_Gem or book coaching with them at
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    Rosie Kay is a swinging lifestyle coach based in the UK, though she serves clients all over the world. The hosts chat with Rosie about her own path through debilitating jealousy, and the experience and expertise she offers her clients who want to dip their toes into the pleasurable waters of "the lifestyle". You can connect with Rose here:
  • 278. 278 - Spank U, Next!

    Anna and Gregor host the fetish and kink podcast, "Spank U, Next" and also work for, the kink-positive BDSM community for fetish dating. The hosts chat with these Barcelonion-based kinksters about their take on creating a safe, online dating platform, what got them into the work they do, and things that challenge them in the world they work in.
  • 277. 277 - The Lord Of Sex Toys: Doc Johnson

    Chad Braverman is the COO and CCO, as well as the self-acknowleged "Nepo Baby" of Doc Johnson, the world’s largest and most influential adult pleasure product company. The New York Times called them "the first family of sex toys" and Chad shares his dad's story of success in the industry and what it was like growing up and putting the puzzle pieces together to eventually learn the truth of the empire he chose to inherit. The hosts chat with Chad about the manufacturing facility he operates, the importance of community and relationships in the sex toy industry, and the artistry behind creating casts of celebrity genitals.
  • 276. 276 - New Jersey Girl Next Door w/ Brenna McKenna

    Brenna McKenna is an exotic dancer and adult performer in Philadelphia. From her churchgoing, softball-playing childhood to putting herself through college by stripping, Brenna is a uniquely charming and authentic human being. The hosts chat with Brenna about her upbringing, boundaries, intuition, family, and more. Folks, you will absolutely fall for this generous, lovely woman. Enjoy! Connect with Brenna McKenna on Twitter and IG: @BrennvMcKennv and her backup IG: @xbrennamckennax
  • 275. 275 - How to be a Rizz God with Dr. Tara

    Dr. Tara is one of the internet's favourite sex educators. On TikTok, she dishes sex and relationship advice to over 2 million followers and has a refreshing, fun approach to getting her research into the ears, minds, hearts, and other erogenous zones of folks who need it. The hosts chat with Dr. Tara about Thai cultural views on sexuality, the reciprocity rule, and how to be a Riz God. Bryde learns a new word! Check out more of Dr. Tara's offerings at