Struggletown Community Council


Beth Black | Musician, Activisit - plays in/is flinch., Slowlight, Grave Matthews, 10am, Benjamin Blue (RIP)

Season 1, Ep. 2

In this episode, I catch up with one of my closest friends, who also happens to play bass and sing in my band, Slowlight. Beth is one of the most inspiring and hard-working people, I have been lucky enough to meet. She has worked countless day jobs as a musician, working with a wide range of people using music as a tool for communication, expression, and enjoyment. She also embodies the DIY spirit of activism and community support, from driving bands around to hosting the odd gig in her flat, Beth has put in the miles. This conversation came just as she was on the cusp of releasing her lockdown recorded, solo project under the moniker flinch. this release was also the catalyst for this podcast as it kick-started my enthusiasm for connecting with the DIY community Struggletown was involved in building. Beth's first DIY show was one of ours, at Bloc and it's great to still be part of her musical life in a bunch of different ways.

Big thanks to Beth for having the patience to do this twice, as the first version was a write off for a few reasons (all my own fault!)

Opening theme by gerard from flakes (and grave matthews)

End track - Escape from Rupture Farms by flinch. from Enough is Enough.

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Shaun Murawski | Photographer | Quests

Season 1, Ep. 6
Shaun Murawski is a photographer who lives and works in Glasgow. He has been a long-time collaborator with Struggletown, providing photographs for several releases. He has also documented many shows and key moments in our history, all while simultaneously being my closest friend. It's as weird as it is cool to get the chance to interview your best friend. We've often discussed our personal music history and our paths into our respective careers, but never in such a long-form conversation or in so much depth.Following on from the collection of photos that we released in January 2021 entitled Boketto, I was interested to find out what led Shaun to pick up a camera, how his involvement in the local hardcore scene impacted his photography as well as the story of how he ended up shooting the Queen. After years of pushing Shaun to publish a collection of his work, it was great to have the opportunity to release it through Struggletown and see the amazing response it had, selling out its initial run in just 3 days. We intend to release more photography, art, design, and culture publications, definitely more from Shaun.We discuss photography in general and what drives Shaun to take the photos he takes. We talk about growing up in the east end of Glasgow and coming across punk music as a teenager. We cover the strange angles the press took when he was appointed to shoot the portrait of the Queen for the Scottish Parliament building, attempting to paint him as a 'rubber earring wearing punk'. Shaun also co-owns Super Bario, an arcade bar in the east of Glasgow city centre on King Street. It's a great place for a pint and a game of House of the Dead.The song at the end is by Quests - a band Shaun and I were in with Steven Gribbin (theapplesofenergy) it's called 'If you wouldn't tell Stalin, don't tell anyone'. We recorded it as we wrote it with Richard Wardrop (Bear Arms). We only played one show, we were mostly in it to hang out, drink Quilmes and eat pizza.Find Shaun's work at and on Instagram @shaunmurawski