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Trust and Believe with Shaun T

Trust & Believe Bonus: Take a Stop on the Acast Audio Pride Parade

We are celebrating PRIDE! Our podcast network, Acast is holding an Audio Pride Parade to celebrate and mark Pride across the world, and I am honored to be a part of it! Take a stop with me in NYC along the Pride Parade to answer a couple of questions about how I will be celebrating this year!

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  • Inner Focus: A Meditation Series with Shaun T Vol. 1

    Unlock your potential and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself through Inner Focus: A Meditation Series with Shaun T, a few minutes to use as your gateway to transformative thinking and ultimate mental clarity!In this meditation, Shaun delves into the significance of tuning in with our own feelings and emotions. Can you truly feel it? Are you in sync with your essence or do you find yourself getting lost in the reflection of the mirror, the taste of the food, or the external appearance of your goals? Shaun T encourages you to go beyond the shell and take a moment to yourself to feel good about who we are.Follow along @trustandbelievepod on Instagram for all of the latest updates!
  • 449. Food with Your Family Should Be Simple, Real and Healthy

    The multimillion dollar food industry has used their vast resources to target parents, convincing them that it’s difficult to feed their children good food. But here’s the truth: parenting is difficult, but feeding your children simple, healthy, real food shouldn't be.In her new book Food Babe Family, this episodes guest, Vani Hari who you may know as The Food Babe, dispels popular myths about feeding our kids; offers more than 100 delicious recipes that make it simple to put healthy, real food on the table; and helps parents start children on a lifelong path of making good food choices. Today she discusses with Shaun:Navigating guilt when choosing meals for your childrenAchieving consistent, healthy meals for kids: Reality vs. ExpectationMaintaining health objectives while on the goA deep dive into Vani's latest book: its theme and family-centric adviceParenting wisdom: Insights from both Shaun and Vani.Follow along @trustandbelievepod on Instagram for all of the latest updates!
  • 448. A Candid Conversation with Shaun and Scott

    As a couple, sometimes you need to sit down, reconnect and have an open and candid conversation. And today, Shaun puts Scott in the hot seat to ask all the questions he has always wondered (and would typically ask off camera) within their relationship. Some questions and topics Shaun and Scott speak on:What fuels your passion for travel, especially when we journey together?Delving into our unforgettable African safari adventureTracing the journey: From our first meeting to embracing parenthood togetherThe pivotal role of communication in strengthening relationshipsWould Scott ever consider taking the stage for a competition like Shaun?Follow along @trustandbelievepod on Instagram for all of the latest updates!
  • 447. Off Stage Tell All! Shaun's Post-Competition Interview

    Just days after his competition, Shaun sits down with his Producer, Alex, to talk about the intimate moments leading up to, during and after the show that will inspire you to trust and believe that you can push way past your own limits! Some questions Shaun answers in this episode:Its been only a few days since the event - can you share some of your initial thoughts and emotions now that the competition has wrapped up?What did you learn about yourself throughout this journey, both physically and mentally, as you prepared for and participated in the competition?Can you share some personal sacrifices you made during your preparation and how you stayed motivated despite them?Were there any unexpected obstacles you had to overcome in the final days before the competition, and how did you manage to handle them?Body image and self-perception can be intricate topics in the world of fitness. How has your perception of your own body evolved throughout your competition preparation, and what advice do you have for others struggling with body image issues?How do you think your performance in this competition compares to your previous experiences in the world of fitness?Were there any specific moments during the competition that stood out to you or that you found particularly rewarding?Now that the competition is behind you, what are your plans and goals moving forward? Do you see yourself continuing to compete or exploring new fitness endeavors?Bodybuilding journeys can inspire others to set and pursue ambitious goals. What message do you hope to convey to individuals who may be considering a similar path but are hesitant to take the first step?Follow along @trustandbelievepod on Instagram for all of the latest updates!
  • 446. 24 Hours Before Show-Time

    Today we dive deep into the final 24 hours leading up to Shaun's stage appearance. Discover the meticulous preparation that goes behind ensuring he's rejuvenated, exuding confidence, and primed to face any challenge—be it on the stage or curbing those pesky cravings. Listen in for this backstage journey!Follow along @trustandbelievepod on Instagram for all of the latest updates!
  • 445. Meeting My Long-Lost Sister for the Very First Time

    Tune in to this captivating episode as Shaun unveils the remarkable journey of discovering his long-lost sister for the very first time. Shaun shares his personal experience with a DNA testing kit that, years ago, ignited a series of events which in turn, lead him to a sister he never knew existed! Shaun walks us through his DNA testing experience, which showed him the origins of his ancestors, unveiling family dynamics, and ultimately paved the way for a reunion with his newfound sister. Hear all about the emotions Shaun experienced in a pivotal moment that opened doors to many sentiments, including the possibility of connecting with his biological father for the very first time. Join us as Shaun unravels the heartwarming and thought-provoking story that transcends bloodlines, fostering a deeper understanding of identity, family bonds, and the power of unexpected connections.Follow along @trustandbelievepod on Instagram for all of the latest updates!
  • 444. 10 Things to Help Enhance Your Training

    Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of yo-yo dieting and the allure of instant results? It's time to shift your perspective and embrace gradual transformation. In this episode, Shaun will guide you through a transformative process that goes beyond the quick fixes and sets you on a path to sustainable success.Discover how to supercharge your training sessions, maximize your results, and develop the mental resilience needed to conquer your fitness goals. Shaun's insights will empower you to forge a connection with your body, fostering a lifestyle that not only supports your aspirations but propels you toward long-term wellness. Get ready to unlock the secrets to an enhanced training experience as Shaun shares his Top 10 Tips that he has gathered throughout his incredible fitness journey.Follow along @trustandbelievepod on Instagram for all of the latest updates!
  • 443. Prep Life: Navigating Energy Struggles and Hurdles Before Taking the Stage

    Shaun and Scott reunite after their heartfelt discussion last week. This time, the focus is on Shaun's upcoming competition and his ongoing preparations he is having to work toward daily. As the competition draws near and Shaun diligently reduces his caloric intake, he speaks on the constant challenge of maintaining his energy levels and being himself around friends and family. Tune in to hear about Shaun's journey, the hurdles he faces in keeping his spirits high, and his novel approach to the way he has enhanced and changed his overall fitness.Follow along @trustandbelievepod on Instagram for all of the latest updates!
  • 442. A Shared Vulnerable Moment in Shaun's Journey

    In this episode, join Shaun and Scott as they dive into a candid and heartfelt conversation about a vulnerable moment in Shaun's life. Get an exclusive insight into the challenge he is facing during his intense training for a bodybuilding competition, where he is experiencing a profound moment of struggle and self-doubt.In a world often dominated by celebrating victories, this episode sheds light on the importance of acknowledging the raw and real struggles that lie beneath the surface. Listen in to discover how Shaun's breakdown became a turning point, offering a powerful reminder that we are never alone in our trials. Follow along @trustandbelievepod on Instagram for all of the latest updates!