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MMIWG: Dawn Carisse

Ep. 73

After experiencing a significant health event, Dawn Carisse, a young mother of three, was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility where she spent a decade under round-the-clock care. Despite her kind and friendly nature, healthcare workers believed that the institution was the best place for her. During her confinement, Dawn longed to be reunited with her children and attempted to escape multiple times, living up to her nickname Dawn The Running Bear. Finally, on August 9, 2001, Dawn saw an opportunity and pushed open an unlocked door, disappearing into the sunshine. She has not been seen since.

At the time of her disappearance, Dawn is described as A First Nations woman. She is 5’6 and 115 lbs. She has a more petite or thin frame. 

She has green eyes with dark short hair parted in the middle and she has a faint scar on her left cheek. 

Dawn is known to be a heavy smoker. She often repeats sentences. And her conversations can often turn to speaking about her children. 

If you have any information about Dawn, please get in touch with the North Bay Police Department, or call Crimestoppers. 

The whereabouts unknown podcast is also accepting information, tips or sightings at

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