Episode 4: Gebr Heinemann’s Ruediger Stelkens on Coldplay, Kylie and Cohiba Behike 52s

Season 1, Ep. 4

In this edition, a newly slimline Ruediger talks about the unexpected dietary and fitness benefits of lockdown; his formative early career at Harrods in the UK (including perhaps the world’s most unusual job interview with former Harrods owner Mohamed Al-Fayed); his early days at Heinemann; and of his quirky initiation into the world of fine cigars through long-time Heinemann Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Board member Kay Spanger.

As always, Roger and Martin don’t just talk shop with their guest. Find out what duty free item (bought at a Heinemann wine store, of course) Ruediger might crack open on a balmy evening; discover what pre-eminent politician’s biography he plans to read; and meet the fascinating trio that he plans to invite to an al fresco dinner on TRI-POD’s resident paradise island.