Trees A Crowd


Wild Service: A checkered past spent pizzled with politicians & ancient french knights

Season 3, Ep. 17

Our twenty-seventh tree, the Wild Service Tree (Sorbus torminalis). Colourful, mysterious and increasingly rare, the Wild Service represents a midway point - not only between the Rowan and the Whitebeam, but between what our forests look like, and what our forests looked like. They’re associated with Olde English Taverns and with ancient Roman drinking sessions, with medieval French jousting, and so abundantly slathered in folk names that it’s a travesty their current common name is so unbelievably dull! Adored by Rackham and Mabey (and Oakes!), this elegant arbor is one magical tree, worshipped by the dendrologically-devout. (Special thanks to Xavier Gens and Rob Heaps for adding their voices to this episode.) More from David Oakes as he uproots the secrets and stories beneath the 56(ish) Native Trees of the British Isles can be found at:

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