Transplants Take On Sport

Hello and welcome to Transplants Take On Sport! My name’s Lewis Daniels and I’m mostly made up of the same parts I was born with, the only difference being a kidney my mum donated to me when my kidneys failed. 

As a keen sportsman, when I was told I needed a kidney transplant I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to continue doing what I love to do. But finding out about the England and Wales Transplant Cricket Club gave me the motivation to one day be part of an inspirational team of players who are in their second innings thanks to the power of organ donation. 

Now part of the team, I’m looking forward to using the gift of life to continue playing cricket and compete in other events at the Transplant Games. 

Join me as I talk to guests from the world of transplant sport who tell their stories, talking through their experiences, overcoming obstacles to live a full and happy life and hopefully inspiring more people who are in the position that we were in. 

You don’t have to be a transplant patient, the podcast really is for every sports fan as we take a light-hearted look into sport, transplants and any other nonsense that might come up. 

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Lewis Daniels