Continental Philosophy


Lecture 7: Heidegger and Time as the Meaning of Care

After last week’s exploration of death and demise, we get a shift in gears so to speak in sections 60-70. Here Heidegger confronts the question of temporality, the meaning of care and just what exactly is ‘anticipatory resoluteness.’ All of the concepts we have studied up to this point, present-to-hand and ready-to-hand, authenticity and inauthenticity, fear and anxiety, death and demise, truth, states-of-mind, care, are all reworked here as iterations of Dasein’s fundamental temporality. In overview, we can say these sections are important for two obvious reasons. Firstly, they round out the idea of authenticity implicit from the earliest pages of the work, and they do so through the idea of ‘anticipatory resoluteness,’ which is important for our understanding of Dasein. Secondly, they provide a full account of the temporal structure of Dasein, which is also very important. Some readings of Being and Time, especially those that focus on ‘world’ and present a pragmatic reading of the book, tend to pay little attention to Division Two and underplay the temporal analyses. This is a great shame, as in a sense they are the core of the whole book, or the point about which it turns, and in addition are highly original.

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