Continental Philosophy


Lecture 6: Heidegger on Death, Demise and 'Thrown Projection'.

In division two of Being and Time Heidegger changes register somewhat. While Division One was focussed on average everydayness, and revolved around understanding Dasein as a practical, pragmatic being, in Division Two we see Heidegger offer an even more fundamental account of what constitutes the being of Dasein. In the opening sections of Division Two Heidegger engages two existential themes death and guilt, which will in turn reveal the importance of time. This engagement is necessary because it makes explicit the temporal horizons of Dasein and how meaningful possibilities may be projected. There is a sense that in Division 1 Heidegger concerned himself with more conventional questions of philosophy such as theory and practice, language, meaning, and the nature of subjectivity, in Division 2 we start to get a sense of how Heidegger is doing something startlingly original. So much so that that we will need to retroactively reconsider what occurred in Division One.[1] We begin where we left off in Division One, with Heidegger attending to the difference between an everyday and existential-ontological conception. The subject this time though is death.

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