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  • 6. ep 6: Cal Wilson

    Cal Wilson is my first Kiwi guest! And - this was recorded before it was revealed Cal was appearing on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, which she kept under her hat...(I suppose I would have too...and I think there's a non-disclosure clause...not that I would know... and how many ellipses can I use in one sentence...?)
  • 5. ep 5: Vince Sorrenti

    Vince Sorrenti has performed everywhere and met EVERYONE! More people than I've met! (I think I made that last bit up...) He's super busy, super talented and one of the true 'nicest guys in the business'. Sometimes people say that and it's a big fat lie. Not with Vince! Everyone loves VInce!Here's a heads up - when he's talking about his Dad and the price of fruit... imagine his Dad melodramatically clutching at his heart. So funny!I'll be posting the videos of these interviews eventually and you'll see for yourself, but meanwhile, enjoy lovely Vince.He sent me a gorgeous text afterwards...Really enjoyed it Tracy.You are very good at it.We could have talked for HOURS!And that's about the biggest compliment one comedian can receive from another.
  • 4. ep 4: Nelly Thomas

    OMG I love Nelly Thomas and I want to be her bestie! Within minutes of this chat starting, we compared pop songs written about our names and, Nelly won. Jimmy BARNES sings to Nelly!!! (well, you'll have to listen...)Enjoy the first female guest on Laughaholics!The wonderful Nelly Thomas.
  • 3. ep 3: Eddie Perfect

    It can be really challenging writing about amazing people I've known for eons and now they're superstars!Eddie Perfect is no exception.He's so loved - from his work on Play School, to his performance of the long suffering Mick Holland in Offspring, to his musicals.He's an actor, writer, composer, satirist, comedian and father of two.Shane Warne: The Musical won the 2009 Helpmann Award for Best New Australian work, a Green Room Award and a Victorian Premier's Literary Award.He composed all the music for Beetlejuice and King Kong on Broadway - such a talent! And Beetlejuice was nominated for EIGHT Tony Awards!And we talk about that and a while lot of other stuff.Eddie Perfect is a truly wonderful human.This is a lovely chat, recorded in lockdown number 5372 and it reflects that.Enjoy Mr Perfect.
  • 2. ep 2: Sammy J

    Actions speak louder than words, right?Sammy's J's actions say a lot of about him.I wrote to his producer, requesting a Laughaholics interview and Sammy J texted me directly. Full of fun, light and sweetness, I was thrilledto hear from him.What a glorious example of humanity, is lovely our Sammy J.(Meanwhile Sam's wonderful producer had been my producer when I was at the ABC, just in case you might think my privacy had been violated).We had a LOT of fun and stacks of laughs in this episode.Love you, Sammy.
  • 1. ep 1: Shane Jacobson

    Shane Jacobson is one of Australia's most beloved actors, comedians and song-and-dance men. He's great at EVERYTHING he does! And you know what? Whenever I talk about Shane (and as Laughaholics is launching, I'm talking about him a LOT) the response is always the same... 'I LOVE SHANE!'I do too.He's such a talent, a genuinely lovely human and someone who really cares about others.I am so lucky that he said yes to being my first ever Laughaholics guest.Thanks, Shane.