Tracks To Relax - Sleep Meditations


The Park - Nap Meditation

Sometimes making the changes we want to make in our lives can be challenging. Whether people are trying to break a bad habit, lose weight, change something about a relationship , stop a particular behaviour or just do things more effectively, we have a better chance of making those changes last long term when we involve our unconscious mind. Everything we do without consciously thinking about it is thanks to our unconscious mind. When it comes to habits and behaviours many of these types of things are on Auto Pilot and it can be helpful to make our unconscious more aware of the changes we desire to make. This guided sleep meditation is all about helping you make changes last longer and be more effective so you can get the positive results you desire. We hope you enjoy your visit to "The Park" in this Nap Edition.

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  • Helping Hand - Deep Sleep Meditation

    Listen Ad Free on Tracks To Relax Premium at Take a journey way, way down into deep relaxation and comfort as a sense of safety and security builds within you. A loving source of positive energy awaits you as you sit in the most comfortable chair you’ve ever sat in and drift off into a deep wonderful sleep. Our show is sponsored by BetterHelp - We all need someone to talk to from time to time, but many of us put it off until things get overwhelming. Better Help online counselling can match you with a professional certified therapist in under 48 hours and you can communicate with your therapist your way, through email, live chat, telephone or video call (so you never have to be on camera if you don't want to). Get started and save 10% on your first month by visiting
  • Holistic Waterall Nap Meditation

    Fresh water runs down the mountain towards the edge of a drop off, where it becomes a beautiful cascading waterfall. You decide to take a show in the fresh mountain water and wash away negativity. You emerge cleansed and refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of your day.Our podcast is sponsored by Better Help, the world's largest provided of online therapy. Complete a simple questionnaire and get matched to a professional therapist within 48 hours! Receive 10% off your first month by visiting
  • Clean Slate Guided Sleep Meditation

    Think of something that you want to eliminate, erase or remove from your day to day life. Maybe you have a bad habit or want to change something in your life in some way. Write the words that are associated to this "thing" you want to remove including words relating to the way it feels, sounds and looks in your mind. Write all these things on the chalkboard in front on you and then watch as they are erased, leaving you with a clean slate.Our show is sponsored by BetterHelp - Feeling stressed? Need someone to talk to and help you through a challenging time? Better Help provides online counselling services that allows you to talk to a professional certified counsellor through phone, text or video. Start talking with a Counsellor that is matched to your needs within as little as 48 hours at Support our Podcast by becoming a Patron and enjoy longer guided meditations without advertisements and in high definition sound. Visit for all the details!
  • Ocean Walk Sleep Meditation

    Take a relaxing walk along the beach and enjoy the sound of the ocean surf washing ashore as you relax a little more with each step you take. From the feeling of the sand on your feet as you walk to the colour of the ocean itself, get ready to submerge your imagination in this wonderfully relaxing place.Our show is sponsored by BetterHelp - Feeling burned out, stressed or overwhelmed? Talking to someone can help you get back to feeling yourself again. Better Help online therapy offers customized therapy your way. Get matched with a qualified professional therapist in under 48 hours and get 10% off your first month by visiting
  • Power 2 Heal Sleep Meditation

    We are now FULL TIME creators and depend on your support! Join our online community of quality sleepers at Can we use the power of our imagination to heal and ease discomfort? They say the most powerful tools we have to achieve our desired outcomes is our imagination! In this guided meditation you'll imagine using a futuristic healing technology that is cable of destroying unhealthy cells, accelerating the healing process, boost your immune system ... all while relaxing more and more deeply until you drift off into a restful sleep. We hope you find this one to be a powerful experience that you can enjoy again and again whenever you need it.Note: This guided meditation is not designed to diagnose or treat or prevent any illness or disease. If you suspect you are ill please visit your physician.Our podcast is sponsored by Better Help! If you're struggling in some way and would like someone to talk give Better Help a try! Don't wait until you're overwhelmed save 10% off your first month at
  • Stress Oasis Nap Meditation

    Relax and let your stress melt away as you drift off into a wonderful 20 minute nap. You'll awaken refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of your day or evening!
  • Get Back To Sleep - Sounds Of Rain

    Getting back to sleep is easy when you listen to the sounds of rain. This guided sleep meditation not only provides positive suggestions to help you relax, it also offers some suggestions of what you may want more of and less of in your life, things like more relaxation - less frustration, more empowerment - less self doubt, more positivity - less negativity and so on. Whether you use this sleep meditation to help you fall asleep at bedtime, or get back to sleep in the middle of the night, we're sure you'll find it extremely effective on helping you fall asleep fast.Our show is sponsored by BetterHelp - Are you feeling burned out? Do you wish you felt more motivated and positive? Better Help online therapy can help. Get matched to a professional therapist within 48 hours and communicate with them your way via phone, online chat, email etc.. Get 10% off your first month by visiting
  • Meet Your Spirit Guide - Sleep Meditation

    Our show is sponsored by Better Help Online Therapy - Visit and get 10% off your first month.  Listen without ads on Premium at Get ready to relax and fall asleep as you open your mind and spirit to the guiding forces outside of your physical self. In this magical sleep meditation you'll have the opportunity become aware of your spirit guide and strengthen your connection to their resources and ability to help you when anything in your life you need guidance with. Our spirit guides influence is felt through our gut feelings and our inner voice communications and now you'll get to know your spirit guide even more as you drift off into a wonderful deep sleep.Background music "Grace and Wonder" by Christopher Lloyd Clarke provided under license by
  • Starlight Sleep Meditation

    Sit on a blanket and stargaze from a shores of a tropical beach. With the sound of each wave you relax more deeply as you search for familiar constellations, planets and satellites that pass overhead. Soon you'll be drifting off into a wonderful deep sleep.Our podcast is sponsored by Better Help! Don't wait till things get worse, talk with a professional online therapist using text, email, chat, or even video chat if you wish. Better Help online therapists are friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Get 10% off your first month by visiting or in Canada visit