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Tous les canards vont à la mare

Tous les Canards 28/04/24

Saison 2, Ep. 20

DDDJMX - Wow Ze Wow, “23”, Autoproduction, 2023

Album de la Semaine

Hannah Miette, “Hannah Miette”, Autoproduction, 2024

Hannah Miette - Quiet Bundle (ft. Blumi)

Hannah Miette - Let Me Now (ft. Rozi Plain)

Pop Up

“Gone Girl”, David Fincher, 2014

Royal Blood - Out of the Black, “Royal Blood”, Warner Bros. Records, 2014


Thot - Hüzün, “Delta”, Pelagic Records, 2024

Liz Lawrence - Big Machine, “Peanuts”, Chrysalis Records, 2024

Girl In Red - Girlfriend Is Better, “Stop Making Sense, Tribute to Talking Heads”, A24 Music, 2024

Books On the Radio

“L’En-Deçà”, Norman Jangot, GLP Editions, 2024

Audioslave - Show Me How to Live, “Audioslave”, Epic, 2002


The Conformists - Mr. Biron, “Midwestless”, Computer Student, 2024

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  • 21. Tous les Canards 05/05/24

    Echoplain - Disko Boy, “In Bones”, Araki Records, 2024Album de la SemaineMadam, “Thanks for the Noise”, Modulor Records, 2024Madam - La MeuteMadam - MirrorsPop Up“Indiana Jones et le temple maudit”, Steven Spielberg, 1984Talking Heads - Burning Down the House, “Stop Making Sense”, Warner Records, 1984NouveauDeadletter - Binge, “Hysterical Strenght”, So Recording, 2024Ugly Mac Beer ft MyNameIsLeonidas - New Aera, X-Ray Production, 2024Catherine Graindorge - Orpheus’ Head, “Songs for the Dead”, Glitter Beat Records, 2024Books On the Radio“Sur la piste des Aigles”, Adrien Sarrault, Editions Daphnis & Chloé, 2024Neil Young - Rockin’ In the Free World, “Freedom”, Reprise, 1989GoodiesFleuves Noirs - C’est pour ça, “Respecte-Toi”, Kerviniou Recordz, 2022
  • 19. Tous les Canards 21/04/24

    Public Enemy - So Be It, “Nothing Is Quick in the Desert”, Enemy Records, 2017Album de la SemaineWhispering Sons, “The Great Calm”, Play It Again, 2024Whispering Sons - DraggingWhispering Sons - Still, DisappearingPop Up“The Machinist”, Brad Anderson, 2004Nine Inch Nails - Mr. Self Destruct, “The Downward Spiral”, Interscope, 1994NouveauAnnie-Claude Deschênes - Menace Minimale, “Les Manières de Table”, Bonsound Inc, 2024John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter & Daniel Davies - My Name Is Death, “Lost Themes IV : Noir”, Sacred Bones, 2024Echoplain - Milla Jovovich, “In Bones”, Araki Records, 2024Books On the Radio“Le secret du corbeau”, Bertrand Bréneau, BLH Editions, 2023Maneskin - Immortale, “Il Bello Della Vita”, Sony, 2018NouveauBillions of Comrades - Tetons, “Trotop”, Rockerill Records, 2024GoodiesTropic of Cancer - The Seasons Won’t Change, “Restless Idylls”, Blackest Ever Black, 2013
  • 18. Tous les Canards 17/03/24

    Album de la SemaineXmal Deutschland, “Early Singles 1981-1982”, Sacred Bones, 2024Xmal Deutschland-Incubus SuccubusXmal Deutschland-Schwarze WeltTelex-Radio Radio, “Wonderful World”, RKM, 1984Pop Up“Forrest Gump”, Robert Zemeckis, 1994Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers, “Volunteers”, RCA, 1969Nouveau The Melvins-Working the Ditch, “Tarantula Heart”, Ipecac Recordings, 2024Nova Materia - Don’t Play With Me, Beta Pictoris Music, 2024Crabe- Politique Dracula 22, “Visite du temple inné”, 2023Books On the Radio“La mort en cadeau”, Agneta Gerson, Auto édition, 2024Eddie Vedder - Society, “Into the Wild”, J, 2007GoodiesMethod Man ft. Mary J. Blidge-I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get By, “Total Def Jam : The Definitive Collection”, Def Jam, 1997
  • 17. Tous les Canards 10/03/24

    Ministry - It’s Not Pretty, “Hopiumforthemasses”, Nuclear Blast, 2024Album de la SemaineMeril Wubslin, “Faire ça”, Les Disques Bongo Joe, 2024Meril Wubslin - La MainMeril Wubslin - Tout est curieuxPop Up“L’histoire sans fin”, Wolfgang Petersen, 1984Limahl - Never Ending Story, “Don’t Suppose”, EMI, 1984NouveauBad Juice - Mad Love, “Amour Noir”, Up the Crack Records, 2024The Silver Lines - Cocaine, Ravo Records, 2024Kim Gordon - I’m a Man, “The Collective”, Matador Records, 2024Books On the Radio“Souvenirs Introuvables”, Laura Wilhelm, Auto édition, 2020Visage - Fade to Grey, “Visage”, Polydor, 1980GoodiesPJ Harvey - Man-Size Sextet, “Rid of Me”, Island Records”, 1993
  • 16. Tous les Canards 03/03/24

    The Liminanas - Mountain, “The Liminanas”, Trouble In Mind, 2010Album de la SemaineFjälla, “Abbastanza”, Irascible Music, 2024Fjälla - RagaFjälla - MessPop Up“Unfriended”, Levan Gabriadze, 2014Sia - Elastic Heart, “1000 Forms of Fear”, Monkey Puzzle Records, 2014Sister Sledge - All American Girls, “All American Girls”, Cotillion, 1981Golden Bug ft Liminanas & Anna Jean - L’effet domino, La Belle Records, 2014Tout Bleu - All The Matters, “Tout Bleu”, Les Disques Bongo Joe, 2018Zzz’s - Red Light, “Prescription”, 2012Books On the Radio“The Storm of My Life”, Aliana Skow, Butterfly Editions, 2024Mélanie De Biasio - Golden Junkies, “Lillies”, PIAS, 2017Nina Simone - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free, “Silk & Soul”, RCA Victor, 1967Madame B - Sister Dolorosa, “Psalm 37:29”, Autoproduction, 2011
  • 15. Tous les Canards 25/02/24

    The Cassandra Complex - Moscow Idaho, “Hello America”, LD Records, 1989Album de la SemainePurrs, “GoodBye Black Dog”, A Tant Rêver du Roi, 2024Purrs - A Year In BinaryPurrs - WallflowersPop Up“Hellboy”, Guillermo del Toro, 2004Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies), “Funeral”, Sony Music CG, 2004NouveauOMD - Bauhaus Staircase, “Bauhaus Staircase”, White Noise, 2023MaidaVale - Faces (Where is Life), “Sun Dog”, 2024UTO - Zombie, “When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire”, InFiné, 2024Books On the Radio“Évanouis dans la Nature”, Claire Kells, Alter Real Editions, 2024The Cure - A Forest, “Seventeen Seconds”, Elektra, 1980GoodiesEinstürzende Neubauten - 12305 (te Nacht), “Tabula Rasa”, Mute Records, 1993
  • 14. Tous les Canards 18/02/24

    The Fall - I Am Damo Suzuki, “The Nation’s Saving Grace”, Beggar’s Banquet, 1985Album de la SemainePlanet B, “Fiction Prediction”, Three One G Records, 2024Planet B - Dick On the DancefloorPlanet B - Filthy SuitcasePop Up“Tueurs Nés”, Oliver Stone, 1994Nine Inch Nails - Burn, “Natural Born Killers”, 1994EvocationSpaguetta Orghasmmond - Via​ţ​a e frumoasă, “Via​ţ​a e frumoasă”, Autoproduction, 2023NouveauThomas Hamilton ft. Mr H - Encore, Durbuy Music, 2024King Biscuit Voltage Diarra - On Your Chalaba, Inouïe Distribution, 2024Books On the Radio“La Guerre n’est pas finie”, Michel Lecocq, LEM Editions, 2023Edwin Starr - War, “War & Peace”, Anna Gordy Gaye, 1970GoodiesCan - Bring Me Coffee or Tea, “Tago Mago”, United Artists Records, 1971
  • 13. Tous les Canards 04/02/24

    Adolina - Hidden Monster, “Imago”, A Tant Rêver du Roi, 2022Album de la SemaineKing Biscuit Voltage Diarra, “KBVD”, Joie’n’Records/Inouïe Distribution, 2024King Biscuit Voltage Diarra - The RooftopKing Biscuit Voltage Diarra - Well WellPop Up“Les Griffes de la Nuit”, Wes Craven, 1984Iron Maiden - Two Minutes to Midnight, “Powerslave”, EMI, 1984NouveauBruit Fureur - Matriochkas, “Bruit Fureur”, Terre Ferme Records, 2024Boeckner - Lose, “Boeckner!”, Sub Pop, 2024DécouverteViktor & The Haters - Leurs Dettes sont nos Salaires, “Blackout II”, Ouch Records, 2023Peter Kernel - Amen “Drum to Death”, On the Camper Records, 2023Books On the Radio“Gemello”, Kora Matin, 2023Simple Minds - Promised You a Miracle, “New Gold Dream”, Virgin, 1982GoodiesThe Cure - Switch, “4:13 Dream”, Geffen, 2008