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    What does it take for us to step up into uncharted territory and make change where we see it needed most? Join Jack River for a walk into the realms of rebellion seeded in the past and emerging into our future. To connect head to @torebelinthetimes on Instagram.

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  • 1. Sounds of Change - Cub Sport

    Cub Sport have been global leaders in a shift in pop music culture, one that sees Artists publicly embracing their sexuality, and expressing it in bright colours for all of us to experience. Jack River caught up with Cub Sport’s Tim Nelson during isolation just a few months after Tim publicly freed himself of the gender binary, an act that he described as not “about finding a new label that makes him feel comfortable” but “about removing labels” and becoming “free to form his own self not built by others.” To connect head to @torebelinthetimes on Instagram.
  • 2. Sounds Of Change - Portugal. The Man

    Alaskan psych pop band Portugal. The Man have an impressive history of using their music to 'pass the mic' and encourage impact wherever they go. While they've topped US and global charts, won a grammy and made over 9 albums, they have also dedicated the opening of every set for performances, poems, dances and speeches by First Nations artists and leaders from the local area they perform. Jack River caught up with frontman John Gourley from their respective lockdowns to chat about how artists and their listeners can socially mobilise through music. To connect follow @torebelinthetimes on Instagram.
  • 3. Sounds Of Change - Kita Alexander

    Over the years that Kita Alexander has been publicly releasing music she has secured gold and platinum records, a global recording deal and a wonderfully large community of fans and listeners. She's done it all on her own terms, while also - and importantly - being a mum to a little guy called Vali. Jack River and Kita Alexander share their usually private conversations about motherhood and music, for listeners to hear something that isn't often talked about in the music industry. To connect follow @torebelinthetimes on Instagram.
  • 4. Sounds of Change - Briggs

    The work that Briggs has been able to achieve in lockdown is nothing short of amazing, from releasing satirical lockdown music videos with Tim Minchin about the Australian government’s bushfire response to publishing a childrens’ book that quickly became Australia’s number one seller. But it’s business as usual for Briggs, who is constantly working and creating, writing comedy scripts, hosting global radio shows, acting or giving platforms and support systems to younger artists. In true lockdown style, this conversation took place over Zoom between Jack River's home and Briggs in his car in Shepparton. To connect head to @torebelinthetimes on Instagram.
  • 5. Sounds Of Change - Alex the Astronaut

    Not so long ago Alex the Astronaut was studying maths and physics on a soccer scholarship at Long Island University, while testing out her songs at open mic nights around New York in between. Then in 2016 at just 21 she released her first song, Already Home, and Australia quickly fell in love with her way of calling out the wrongs of our society. Since then she’s perfectly crafted her personal experience into the unofficial anthem for marriage equality in Australia and delved into the complex process of writing someone else’s experience. To connect head to @torebelinthetimes on Instagram.
  • 6. Sounds of Change - Ziggy Alberts

    Over the past decade Ziggy Alberts has gone from playing gigs in small town restaurants to headlining some of our biggest festivals. Along the way, he has created responsible merchandise, removed single use plastics from some of our biggest venues, started his 'Net Positive' YouTube Series and become a spokesperson for environmental movements. To connect head to @torebelinthetimes on Instagram.