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  • Back To The Future

    This week, Jonathan Barnes joins us to explore the visionary work of Quatermass creator Nigel Kneale; and a wonderful conversation about literature and horticulture between Dame Penelope Lively and her daughter, musician Josephine Lively.'The Quatermass Experiment 70th Anniversary', Nigel Kneale, Alexandra Palace'You Must Listen', BBC Sounds'Life in the Garden', by Penelope LivelyProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Back to School!

    This week, poet Camille Ralphs explains why she submitted to WH Auden's exacting syllabus; and Toby Lichtig joins us to preview the autumn's notable fiction.'Daydream College for Bards', by Camille Ralphs'The Fraud', by Zadie Smith'North Woods', by Daniel Mason'The Variations', by Patrick Langley'The Wren, The Wren,' by Anne EnrightProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Power Play

    This week, we drop in on a conversation between Mary Beard and two former TLS editors; and Anne Enright joins us to talk about turning poet in her new novel.'Emperor of Rome: Ruling the ancient Roman world', by Mary Beard'Big Caesars and little Caesars: How they rise and how they fall -from Julius Caesar to Boris Johnson', by Ferdinand Mount'Palatine: An alternative history of the Caesars', by Peter Stothard'The Wren, The Wren', by Anne EnrightProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • To the Scriptorium!

    This week, Nicola Shulman introduces the volunteer army who joined James Murray to create the OED; and John Niven on his extraordinary memoir of his brother's life.'The Dictionary People: The unsung heroes who created the OxfordEnglish Dictionary', by Sarah Ogilvie'O Brother', by John NivenProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Nevertheless, They Persisted

    This week, Adam Mars-Jones on the "fractal brocade" of his semi-infinite novel series; and Amber Massie-Blomfield revisits Susan Sontag's production of Waiting for Godot in Sarajevo, thirty years on.'Caret', by Adam Mars-JonesProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • The Pursuit Of The Interesting

    In the last of our summer round-ups, Gwendoline Riley stalks the streets of London in the company of Michael Bracewell; and Ruth Scurron a final work by the indomitable Janet Malcolm.Produced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Femmes Fatales

    In this week's round-up, we talk to Mary C Flannery about the continuing attraction of the irrepressible Wife of Bath; and mystery writer Nicola Upson on the unconventional life and unforgettable work of Josephine Tey.Produced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Natural Passions

    In the second of our summer round-ups, we revisit Richard Smyth discussing the life and the work of the naturalist Ronald Blythe; and Lucasta Miller on an extraordinary collection of commonplace books.Produced by Charlotte Pardy
  • School's Out For Summer

    In the first of our seasonal round-ups, we look back at Stephen Marche on the agonies of the writing life; and Nat Segnit dives into Adam Gopnik's survey of mastery.'On writing and failure: Or, the peculiar perseverance required toendure the life of a writer', by Stephen Marche'The real work: On the mystery of mastery', by Adam GopnikProduced by Charlotte Pardy