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This week, Thea Lenarduzzi and Lucy Dallas are joined by Noo Saro-Wiwa, the author of ‘Looking for Transwonderland: Travels in Nigeria’, to discuss developments in travel writing; Alice Kelly, the author of ‘Commemorative Modernisms: Women writers, death and the First World War’, considers how conflict permeates American culture; plus, a new poem by André Naffis-Sahely, ‘At the Graves of Labour’s Fallen’

‘The Travel Writing Tribe: Journeys in search of a genre’ by Tim Hannigan

‘War and American Literature’, edited by Jennifer Haytock

‘A History of American Literature and Culture of the First World War’, edited by Tim Dayton and Mark W. Van Wienen

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  • Here Comes the Sun

    This week, TLS editors and writers guide you through a summer of reading; and Sarah Watling explores the extraordinary story of an artistic double act.'Dorothy Hepworth and Patricia Preece: An Untold Story', Charleston, Lewes, Sussex'The Secret Art of Dorothy Hepworth, aka Patricia Preece', by Denys J. WilcoxProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Metamorphosis and Myth

    This week, Ben Hutchinson on the making of Franz Kafka, a century after the writer's death; and an interview with Roz Dineen about her vision of climate catastrophe and societal collapse.'Kafka: Making of an icon', Weston Library, Bodleian, Oxford, until October 27Accompanying book edited by Ritchie Robertson'Briefly Very Beautiful', by Roz DineenProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • The TLS on Tour

    Join us for at the Hay Festival for a conversation encompassing portals to other worlds, rock bands, improbable giraffes and the travails of the M4.'Impossible Creatures', by Katherine Rundell'One Ukrainian Summer: A Memoir About Falling in Love and Coming of Age in the Former USSR', by Viv GroskopProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Found in Translation

    This week, we hear from two international prize-winning authors, Jenny Erpenbeck and Mircea Cărtărescu.'Kairos' by Jenny Erpenbeck, translated by Michael Hofmann'Solenoid' by Mircea Cărtărescu, translated by Sean CotterProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Let the Games Begin!

    This week, writers including Andrew O'Hagan, Rose Tremain, Ayobami Adebayo and Marian Keyes select their most memorable sporting moments; and we drop in on the European Writers' Festival at the British Library.Produced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Regeneration Games

    This week, we look at the busy afterlives of two canonical characters: Nathalie Olah on Tom Ripley and Emelyne Godfrey on Sherlock Holmes.'Ripley', on Netflix'The Worlds of Sherlock Holmes: The inspiration behind the world’s greatest detective', by Andrew LycettProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • How to Dress for Bouillabaisse

    This week, Susan Owens explores the surreal and vivid life of the artist Eileen Agar; and Rosie Goldsmith, curator of the European Writers' Festival, joins us to explain what's on the bill.'A Look at My Life', by Eileen AgarThe European Writers' Festival, the British Library, London, 18-19 May 2024Produced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Better to Travel Hopefully

    This week, Oxford Professor of Poetry AE Stallings explores the elliptical brilliance of Anne Carson; and an interview with writer, filmmaker and artist Miranda July about her forthcoming novel.'Anne Carson: The Glass Essayist', by Elizabeth Sarah Coles'Wrong Norma', by Anne Carson'All Fours', by Miranda JulyProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Super Furry Animals

    This week, Kathryn Hughes introduces her new book on the cat craze that swept Edwardian England; and she also tells us about an exhibition of the work of Julia Margaret Cameron and Francesca Woodman. Plus a review of Sunjeev Sahota's The Spoiled Heart.'Catland: Feline Enchantment and the Making of the Modern World', by Kathryn Hughes'Portraits to Dream In', at the National Portrait Gallery, London, until 16 June, 2024'The Spoiled Heart', by Sunjeev SahotaProduced by Charlotte Pardy