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Back to School!

This week, poet Camille Ralphs explains why she submitted to WH Auden's exacting syllabus; and Toby Lichtig joins us to preview the autumn's notable fiction.

'Daydream College for Bards', by Camille Ralphs

'The Fraud', by Zadie Smith

'North Woods', by Daniel Mason

'The Variations', by Patrick Langley

'The Wren, The Wren,' by Anne Enright

Produced by Charlotte Pardy

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  • There May Be Trouble Ahead

    This week, TLS editor Martin Ivens and writer and broadcaster James O'Brien on the long decline of the Conservatives; and Muriel Zagha celebrates 75 years of Powell and Pressburger's The Red Shoes.'The Party's Over: The rise and fall of the Conservatives fromThatcher to Sunak', by Phil Barton-Cartledge'The Right to Rule: Thirteen years, five prime ministers and theimplosion of the Tories', by Ben Riley-Smith'The Case for the Centre Right', edited by David Gauke'All to Play For: The advance of Rishi Sunak', by Michael Ashcroft'The Red Shoes: Beyond the mirror', BFI Southbank, until January 7Produced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Silently And Very Fast

    This week, our special interview with the newest winner of the Booker Prize, Paul Lynch; and Emily Kopley on new editions of Virginia Woolf's mesmerising diaries.'Prophet Song', by Paul Lynch'The Diary of Virginia Woolf', in five volumes.Produced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Charm School

    This week, Mary C Flannery explores the spells and potions of medieval magic; and Jean Wilson on the trail of the ever elusive Anne Boleyn.‘Love spells and lost treasure: Service magic in England from the later Middle Ages to the early modern era’, by Tabitha Stanmore ‘Textual magic: Charm and written amulets in medieval England’, by Katherine Storm Hindley‘Hunting the falcon: Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and the marriage that shook Europe’, by John Guy and Julia Fox Produced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Back Of The Net!

    On this week's show, TLS contributors on the best books of 2023; and David Horspool explores the crucial part sport has played in the evolution of Britain and Britishness.'More than a game: A history of how sport made Britain', by David HorspoolProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Lost In Space

    This week, Samantha Harvey joins us to talk about her voyage around the earth; and Miranda France on a fascinating tour of the British archipelago.‘Orbital’, by Samantha Harvey‘The Britannias: An island quest’, by Alice AlbiniaProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • The Handmaids' Tales

    This week, James Marcus goes partying with Susan Sontag and George Steiner; and Laura Beers sheds a light on Eileen O'Shaughnessy, George Orwell's first wife.'Maestros and monsters: Days and nights with Susan Sontag and GeorgeSteiner', by Robert Boyers'Wifedom: Mrs Orwell's invisible life', by Anna FunderProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • History in the Making

    This week, Colin Jones explores the streets of Paris as the French Revolution grew pace; and an extract from a very special event at the British Library in celebration of Hilary Mantel.'The Revolutionary Temper: Paris, 1748-1789', by Robert Darnton'A Memoir of My Former Self: A Life in Writing', by Hilary MantelProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Finding Tongues In Trees

    This week, Ruth Scurr on a magnificent biography of Claude Monet; and Fiona Stafford explores how vital trees were to Wordsworth's work.'Monet: the restless vision', by Jackie Wullschläger'Versed in living nature: Wordsworth's trees', by Peter Dale and Brandon C YenProduced by Charlotte Pardy
  • Punching Above Their Weight

    This week, Theo Zenou introduces us to the heroes of Jewish boxing; and Sophie Oliver on the development of Virginia Woolf's 'frock consciousness' .'Stars and scars: The story of Jewish boxing in London', by Jeff Jones'Bring no clothes: Bloomsbury and the philosophy of fashion', by Charlie Porter'Bring no clothes: Bloomsbury and Fashion', at Charleston in Lewes until 7 January 2024Produced by Charlotte Pardy