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#169 - Do You Want Us to Shoot Her?

Ep. 169

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  • 185. #185 - Matheus Cortêz

    Another convo with my brother from another mother, Matheus Cortêz.
  • 184. #184 - Tiffani Claiborne

    Tiffani Claiborne is an English teacher, content creator, entrepreneur, and artist. She's driven by a mission to assist and empower individuals through education, ministry, and artistic expression.Links to Tiffani's work:YouTube: @SpeakEnglishWithTiffaniInstagram: @speakenglishwithtiffani/TikTok: @englishwithtiffanyFacebook: @TeacherTiffaniPodcast: Speak English with Tiffani PodcastWebsite: YouTube Channel: @twogil
  • 183. #183 - Matheus Cortêz

    Back with more good talk from my boy Matheus and me. Enjoy!
  • 182. #182 - Matheus Cortêz

    Matheus Cortêz is a long-time friend of mine and he's back for another great convo. Enjoy!
  • 181. #181 - Luke Chao

    Luke Chao is a Consulting Hypnotist and the founder of The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis in Toronto, ON, Canada.Learn more about Luke and his work:Website: @morpheushypnosisInstagram: @morpheusclinicTwitter: @morpheusclinic
  • 180. #180 - Katerina Eleftheriou

    Katerina Eleftheriou is a writer, content creator, and self-awareness guide from Toronto, ON, Canada. Learn more about Katerina: Website: TikTok: @katerinawrites Instagram: @katerinawritesxo Podcast: Nobody Is Doing It Right Check me out on social media: TikTok: @englishwithkaizen Instagram: @englishwithkaizen Twitter: @tonykaizen
  • 179. #179 - Luke Thompson

    Luke Thompson is an ESL Teacher, Podcaster, and Stand Up Comedian. Watch this episode on YouTube: Check out Luke's work: Podcast: YouTube: @LukesEnglishPodcast Twitter: @EnglishPodcast Check me out on social media: TikTok: @englishwithkaizen Instagram: @englishwithkaizen Twitter: @tonykaizen
  • 178. #178 - Fr. Michael Butler

    Fr. Michael Butler is a priest, men's coach, and amateur bodybuilder who aims to help men be the best they can be by recovering authentic manhood through Orthodox Christianity. Follow Fr. Butler on social media: TikTok: @avg2alpha Instagram: @avg2alpha Stream 'As Iron Sharpens Iron Podcast' Ancient Faith Ministries Apple podcasts Check me out on social media: TikTok: @englishwithkaizen Instagram: @englishwithkaizen Twitter: @tonykaizen
  • 177. #177 - Matheus Cortêz

    My boy Matheus Cortêz is back! Please forgive the poor audio in this episode. I used a new software to record it and something went wrong (not sure what exactly.) I've since found an alternative option so future episodes should be much better. Hopefully, you can still enjoy a good conversation between me and my brotha. Check me out on social media: TikTok: @englishwithkaizen Instagram: @englishwithkaizen Twitter: @tonykaizen