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Tingbao | 蜓宝

Tingbao Episode 4

Season 1, Ep. 4

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  • Tingbao (Trailer)

    Introducing 'Tingbao', an eight-episode immersive podcast narrated by Cass XuXin with music by Richard Navarro and Paul Cheneour.Subscribe at
  • 5. Tingbao Episode 5

    Episode 5 of Tingbao by Dreamsailors, narrated by Cass XuXin and with music by Richard Navarro, Paul Cheneour and Oversight (Dreamsailors Stand Alone Remix)
  • 6. Tingbao Episode 6

    The story continues as Grandfather follows Tingbao upwards, guided by the dragonfly. Music by Richard Navarro and Paul Cheneour; narration by Cass XuXin.
  • 7. Tingbao Episode 7

    Tingbao and Grandfather leap from the burning mangrove tree to be caught in the wings of a Mooncarrier.
  • 8. Tingbao Episode 8

    Back in his apartment in the city of Oblivian, Grandfather makes an important discovery among his plants.