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Who is happier Arsenal or Spurs? They’re both happier than Chelsea and the promoted clubs

Gregor Robertson, Alyson Rudd and Tom Allnut join Tom Clarke to discuss the Ange, Chelsea and thrashings.

The team pick through the aftermath of the north London derby, Ange’s influence, Raya v Ramsdale and the impact of James Maddison.

Chelsea have had their worst start in forty five years, will they even make the top half. Their run of fixtures in the next two months mean it could be tough to turn it around. In contrast Villa are playing good football, climbing the table and looking every inch an Emery team.

Does eight nil mean anything anymore?  Are the three promoted trams already doomed?



Arsenal / Spurs

2’ Alyson Rudd was underwhelmed by the north London derby. Error strewn, chaos and mistakes for the goals. Tom Allnut was very impressed with Spurs. They went to the emirates, played the gam they wanted to play and didn’t lose, could even have won. Bigger picture spurs going in the right direction

7’ Gregor says it isn’t a surprise, ‘Ange ball’ has an identity, which Gregor has seen at Celtic, and he is sue he’ll continue in the same vein at Spurs.

12’ Rice’s injury.  Not serious, but what effect did it have on Arsenal?

14’ Playing the Raya way. Alyson believes his selection sets the tone for the whole team. While his distribution wasn’t the best this weekend, she thinks he’ll remains Arteta’s first choice, with no rotation. ‘Raya is like having a coach on the pitch.’ Cleve, quick, vocal and good distribution.

19’ Tom Allnut discusses how and why Arsenal signed Raya, and other historic examples of two ‘first choice’ goalkeepers at the same club. In the end…Raya is number one.

23’ James Maddison…what a great performance in a big game for a new club. They look a good fit. Gregor still baffled no other club tried to sign him. He represents the new sense of joy at spurs. Maddison and son bromance has smoothed the loss of Harry Kane. His value is not just in possession, he is also working hard.

28’ Tottenham predictions


29’ Chelsea…dear oh dear. Worst start in 20 years.

30’ Chelsea a billion pounds and still go backwards. Chelsea are a really bad team. Results go a long way back.

32’ Tom Allnut can’t believe Pochettino went to Chelsea. Dysfunctional club. Poor signings. Lots of ‘punts’ on players who may or may not come good.

35’ two hundred million pound plus players in Caicedo and Fernandez outshone by Villa. Chelsea didn’t just struggle in front of goal. Villa had more shots.

38’ Chelsea’s poor disciplinary record, Jackson in particular.

39’ Chelsea predictions….



41’ Villa doing well. Looked strong, organised, hard to beat, but with a cutting edge. Gregor worried about their high line though.

Promoted clubs under pressure

44’ Eddie Howe steal, Sheffield united woe.

50’ Gregor said Sheff Utd were the worst placed of the promoted teams, he fears that is proving to be true.

52’ All three promoted teams are in the relegation zone. Why and will it change.

55’ The three clubs have different problems. Luton ambition, or lack of… Burnley style of play.


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