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TV should run VAR, Luton, Watkins and WSL economics

Joining Tom Clarke on this episode of The Game are Alyson Rudd, Molly Hudson and Gregor Robertson. 

VAR is given a thorough grilling, but will anything change. Should it be referees operating VAR.

City without Rodri.

Gregor optimistic on the chances of Luton Town and impressed by the potential of Ollie Watkins.

Finally the panel discuss the economics of the WSL and how feasible it is to see regular WSL fixtures at the main stadiums.


VAR at Spurs v Liverpool

1’ Alyson has a analogy… is the VAR an old boys club, people who all know each other, not paying close enough attention.

3’ Gregor points out the need for the best professionals, not necessarily former refs.

7’ why can’t we consider the same skilled professionals that deliver TV, do VAR, are they not as skilled as referees?

9’ there has been a development in what a referee is asked to do. Communicate, relay decisions in English.

14’ Should ex players be referees? Molly Hudson gives the example of a former Chelsea player who received the most red cards wanting to be a ref once she retires.

18’ Liverpool looked good, even with nine men. Spurs win again, they find a way.

21’ Spurs lucky, or finding a way to win. Gregor thinks a bit of both.

Wolves v Man City

25’ Are City the same team with Rodri missing? Gregor really likes Gary O’Neil he thinks he is going to be a big success somewhere. Neto and his pace is a huge threat.    

27’ Wolves finally got a result for their good performances so far this season.

29’ Molly also a Gary O’Neil fan. She thinks it is because he isn’t fashionable that he has struggled, particularly why he lost his job at Bournemouth.

Man Utd v Palace

33’ A classic Hodgson result. Alyson points out Roy is undefeated in his visits to Old Trafford.

36’ Not at all surprising result, Man Utd are in flux and struggling for consistency. For Palace is the old result like this enough for Hodgson, does he need to change the brand of football and the consistency?

38’ Gregor thinks truth be told, they’ll be happy to survive each year, and by appointing Hodgson survival is the aim.

Luton’s first win

40’ Big moment for Luton, finally getting their first win, two in two for Carlton Morris.

41’ Gregor believes it will give a huge boost. He thinks they have played well, created chances and lost games through individual errors. He thinks they can turn it around.

42’ Everton, after a big win against Brentford and Villa in the cup…now losing at home against Luton. Alyson thinks it is really worrying. There is more to be read into this defeat, something is wrong.

Aston Villa

46’ Villa an attacking team with variety and pace. Gregor likes their style, likes Watkins but also felt Brighton gifted Villa two goals. Watkins has strength, explosive pace and can finish…how far can he go?

50’ Brighton fell foul of tinkering and rotation. Alyson thinks they are either very good, or horrid. They’ll come good and play good football, but there will be ups and downs as they negotiate losing players and playing in Europe.

52’ Brighton need to maintain the feeling of strength, it can easily slip away. Is DeZerbi too reckless?


53’ Surprise of the weekend as Liverpool won at the Emirates against Arsenal, all in front of 50, 000 fans. Big worries and pressure at Arsenal, Chelsea only dropped 8 points last year, Arsenal have already dropped 3.

57’ Gregor heard Emma Hayes thoughts on growing the game and the sustainability of the women’s game. The issues around pricing, and timing of games The match was loss making as it costs 300,000 to open the stadium.

59’ economics of opening main stadiums for WSL fixtures.

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