The Game Football Podcast


Dyche Out The Door

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Alyson Rudd and Tony Cascarino.

Liverpool are into the FA Cup Final at the expense of Manchester City. Did Pep Guardiola overthink it again? (00:00)

Jurgen Klopp’s side are still on for the quadruple - but will they actually win it? (12:15)

Chelsea are Liverpool’s opponents at Wembley for the second time this season. Did Crystal Palace play into Thomas Tuchel’s hands in the semi-final? (23:09)

Sean Dyche left Burnley after a decade in charge - but were they right to make a change without a plan in place (35:48)

Spurs and Arsenal both slipped up over Easter - does anyone actually want fourth place? (47:20)

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