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Why Are We In Love With The Big State?

The British Social Attitudes Survey has been running for 40 years, and its latest findings show that we expect the state to do more than ever before. Matt is joined by Gillian Prior from the National Centre for Social Research to chart the journey from Thatcherite Britain to post-Covid big state spending.

Plus: Columnists Manveen Rana and Matthew Parris discuss whether Rishi Sunak's message on net zero will win over voters, and the King's surprisingly warm reception in France.

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  • Election First Impressions

    As the election campaign kicks off in earnest, comedians Lewis Macleod, Nerine Skinner and Rory Bremner join Matt for their best political impressions, and listeners send in their own.Plus: Columnists James Marriott and India Knight discuss Jeremy Corbyn running as an independent, Rishi Sunak's shelved smoking bill, and politicians using football to appear more relatable.The Columnists: (03:00)The Big Thing: (23:10)
  • The Farage-Free Election

    Nigel Farage's decision not to stand for Reform UK is the first major story of the election campaign. Manveen Rana and Trevor Philips from The Times discuss how that might change Conservative fortunes.Plus: What happened the last time Britain went to the polls in July? And two seasoned campaigners tell some of their worst war stories from the battle bus.
  • PMQs: Second Half of the Year?

    The last PMQs before the Whitsun recess is overshadowed by the speculation of a snap general election being called. Matt is joined by political journalists Kevin Maguire, Andrew Pierce, Patrick Maguire and Lara Spirit to unpack all the action from the Commons.Plus: In the wake of Conservative MP Craig Mackinlay returning to Parliament after having his arms and legs amputated as a result of sepsis, Matt speaks to the founder and chief executive of the Sepsis Trust.PMQs: (01:00)Best of the rest: (31:00)
  • Inside Keir Starmer's Brain

    Who is Morgan McSweeney and why is he so important to the Starmer team? Matt is joined by Patrick Maguire and Tom McTague discussing the role of the Labour leader's chief strategist.Plus, as Gareth Southgate reveals who makes his squad for this summer's Euros he inevitably faces a backlash for leaving out certain players. It's not an easy gig being England manager - but is it harder than being Prime Minister? Matt hears out both sides of the arguments for who has the harder job.
  • The Exit Interviews: Sir Bob Neil

    Matt sits down with MPs leaving Parliament at the next election to find out their highs and lows, their best and worst bosses, and the lessons they've learned from politics.Conservative Sir Bob Neil reflects on the challenges of the job by saying he wouldn't recommend it to his younger self, why he feels it was good Liz Truss' time in office was so short, and his hopes for the future of the Tory party.Plus: Columnists Rachel Sylvester and Iain Martin discuss whether the neverending group of public inquiries are proving value-for-money, whether our politicians are taking defence spending seriously enough and whether Jeremy Corbyn will run against Labour in the next election.Columnists (04:02)The Exit Interviews (26:36)
  • Secrets Of The Whips Office

    How do you maintain discipline in a government that's on the ropes after a long period in office, with a prime minister behind in the polls and beset by defections?Former Tory MP and whip Gyles Brandreth charted the downfall of the Major government in his indiscreet diaries, and joins Matt to discuss the striking similarities between then and now.Plus: Columnists India Knight and James Mariott discuss whether the nation is ready for what is shaping up to be a long election campaign, if tech bros make bad philosophers, and if TV shows work on stage.Columnists (03:04)Gyles Brandreth (24:50)
  • How To Hold The Line

    Heading into an election campaign, politicians can be asked to explain their party's position on absolutely anything - but it's not always easy to remember exactly what that is. Matt is joined by a panel of former spin doctors to find out how MPs are given the lines to take, and what happens when they forget them.Plus: Manveen Rana and Matt Deegan discuss whether Keir Starmer's six pledges have made Labour's policy positions clear, whether the covid inquiry is worth £300k per day, and why radio's popularity is so enduring.Columnist Panel (03:59)  How To Hold The Line (24:45)
  • PMQs: Goodnight Sweetheart

    Never mind prisons running out of space or rainbow lanyards - PMQs gets derailed by Nicholas Lyndhurst. Matt is joined by Patrick Maguire and Lara Spirit to unpack all the action from the Commons.Plus: Columnists Alice Thomson and Robert Crampton discuss what Rishi Sunak should do about Nigel Farage, living next door to celebrities, and whether linen clothes, the Northern Lights, and strawberry jam are overrated.The Columnists: (02:32)PMQs: (24:22)
  • Why Is Food Still So Expensive?

    As Rishi Sunak hosts farmers at Number 10 to offer his support to British agriculture, the sector is struggling with ever higher costs and extreme weather. Food Minister Mark Spencer explains why the wet winter could lead to food prices going up again.Plus: Punch and Judy are cleaning up their act, but will that bring an end to "Punch and Judy politics"? The Politics Of Punch And Judy Politics (04:53)Why Is Food Still So Expensive? (13:03)