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What Do The By-Elections Mean?

In the wake of the by-elections in Kingswood and Wellingborough, Patrick asks whether a Labour general election victory is nailed on, if Rishi Sunak can turn things around, and how serious a threat Reform UK poses to the Tories.

He speaks to Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party James Daly, Labour frontbencher Liz Kendall, Reform Party Leader Richard Tice, and polling expert Professor Sir John Curtice.

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  • Deputy PMQs: Pint-Sized Loser

    It's Deputy PMQs wile Rishi Sunak is in Germany, with Oliver Dowden facing questions from Angela Rayner. Tim Shipman and Calum Macdonald join Matt Chorley to pause and unpack the action from the Commons as the deputies trade blows over council tax, the Renter's Reform Bill and second homes. Plus: Columnists Alice Thomson and Robert Crampton discuss whether we are seeing the end of the news anchor, AI in recruitment and why saying ‘back in your day’ in the office could be unlawful.
  • Keir Starmer's Flagging

    Keir Starmer has urged his Labour party colleagues to fly the flag with enthusiasm on St George's Day. But does everyone in Labour agree with him, and how much does patriotism matter in politics? Plus: While voters in Pennsylvania head to the polls for the state's 2024 primary election, what did Donald Trump say on the stand at the first day of the Stormy Daniels hush money trial?
  • The Exit Interviews: Mike Freer

    Matt sits down with MPs leaving Parliament at the next election to find out about their highs and lows, their best and worst bosses, and the lessons they've learned from their time at Westminster.Conservative MP and minister Mike Freer talks about how threats and violence led to his decision to stand down, gossiping with the late Queen Elizabeth, and helping Boris Johnson get dressed.Plus: Columnists Rachel Sylvester and Libby Purves react to Rishi Sunak insisting that flights to Rwanda will take off in the summer, and the row over the policing of pro-Palestinian marches in London. Columnists (03:50)The Exit Interviews: Mike Freer (18:31)
  • The Brexit Interview: Tim Shipman

    Brexit was the greatest conundrum visited on the British political class in the last 80 years, according to Sunday Times Chief Political Commentator Tim Shipman.He sits down with Matt to discuss his latest book examining the years following the EU referendum, charting Theresa May's turbulent time in office and eventual downfall - and explains why it often resembled a political version of Game of Thrones.Now Way Out is available to buy at Times Bookshop and Times+ members can enjoy a 10% discount. Plus, you can enjoy great offers and recommendations from our literary critics. Explore thousands of great reads by going to now. 
  • Why Tories Prefer Dark Chocolate

    When it comes to chocolate, why are Tories pro-dark and Labour supporters pro-milk? Matt looks at exclusive YouGov polling and dives into the politics of chocolate at a time when cocoa prices are soaring.Plus: James Marriott and Miranda Green discuss Rishi Sunak's "moral mission" to reform welfare, why young adults are being infantilised, and why Liz Truss broke with Royal protocol.Columnists: (02:45)The Big Thing: (25:00)
  • The Tory MP, The 3am Call And The Drunk Dog

    Mark Menzies MP is being investigated by the Conservative party following claims he misused campaign funds, making a late-night call to a 78-year-old aide because he had been locked up by "bad people". The Fylde MP, who has lost the Tory whip, denies the claims.Matt discusses the remarkable details with Billy Kenber, the Times journalist who broke the story, Conservative MP John Hayes, and Times columnists Matthew Parris and Manveen Rana.
  • PMQs: Lettuce vs Lawyers

    For the first time in a month, Tim Shipman joins Matt Chorley to pause and unpack the action from the Commons chamber as Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak attack each other's predecessors and tax plans.Plus: Columnists Alice Thomson and Robert Crampton discuss whether Rishi Sunak's good week could create some momentum for the Conservatives, meeting unfriendly politicians and whether musicians should blame the audience for a bad show.Columnists (02:47)PMQs Unpacked (25:26) 
  • 10 Minutes To Save Liz Truss

    Liz Truss is back with her new book '10 Years To Save The West', where she recounts her brief time in Number 10. Matt brings you the best bits courtesy of impressionist Nerine Skinner and discusses the Truss legacy with former adviser Kirsty Buchanan, biographers Harry Cole and James Heale, and Truss backer Mark Littlewood.Plus: What risk does the CRINK alliance - that's China, Russia, Iran and North Korea - pose to the world order?How To Win An Election (03:44)10 Minutes To Save Liz Truss (20:22)
  • The Exit Interviews: Henry Smith

    As the 100th MP announces they are leaving the Commons at the election, Matt continues his series of interviews finding out what they've learned and why they're going.Conservative MP Henry Smith talks about his disillusionment with the Conservative Party, abuse on social media, and why he's not going to persuade his children to follow him into politics.Plus: Columnists Rachel Sylvester and Libby Purves discuss the role Britain should play in the latest escalation in the Middle East, why employment law disputes drag on too long, and whether political adverts could be making their way onto a streaming service near you.The Exit Interview (21:45)