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The Exit Interviews: Robert Halfon

Matt sits down with MPs leaving Parliament at the next election to find out their highs and lows, their best and worst bosses, and the lessons they've learned from politics.

Former minister Robert Halfon tells Matt why he thinks all MPs should have round-the-clock personal security, and which Lord of the Rings character Rishi Sunak resembles.

Plus: Libby Purves and Rachel Sylvester discuss whether the Conservatives can benefit from the culture wars, how an international organised crime gang stole millions from the British taxpayer, and whether the next prime minister should take an oath of office.

Columnist Panel (04:18)

The Exit Interview (23:41)

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  • Biden's Brain & Starmer’s Face

    As Joe Biden gaffes his way through his latest press conference, columnists James Marriott and India Knight ask if he should stand down. They also discuss whether PM Keir Starmer should smile more, the luxury of not having a smartphone, and the collective joy of watching sport..Plus: From interviewing prime ministers and presidents, to being unwitting target of a surface-to-air missile over Africa, The Sun's Trevor Kavanagh has seen - and done - it all. He tells Matt about his career, spanning nearly 50 years, and his biggest scoops. 
  • What Dog Should Keir Starmer Get?

    After Keir Starmer told us his children are campaigning to get a German Shepherd, we find out whether there's room for one in the flat above Downing Street. Matt is joined by 'The Dogfather' Graeme Hall, and he speaks to the new Lib Dem MP Steve Darling about his guide dog Jenny.And with big dog John Prescott retiring from the House of Lords, we look back at some of his best bits with columnists Matthew Parris and Manveen Rana.Columnists (04:05)Political pets (23:30)
  • Starmer Goes Global

    Keir Starmer is in America for his first Nato summit as prime minister, but what kind of leader will he be on the world stage? Matt is joined by correspondents around the world to analyse the foreign policy challenges the Labour government will face in the coming years.Plus: Robert Crampton and Alice Thomson discuss whether a younger parliament is good news for Gen Z, why we shouldn't be surprised the French election was crazy, and whether MPs should be forced to wear ties in Parliament.  Columnists (03:45)Starmer Goes Global (26:23)
  • How To Keep Order! In The Commons

    As the Commons meets to elect the Speaker, who has made a success of the job - and who hasn't? Matt speaks to two former deputy speakers to find out how the job works, and asks why they'd like to ban mobile phones in the chamber.Plus: After Joe Biden's press secretary bats away questions about the US president's health, we compare the way journalists cover the White House and 10 Downing Street.
  • The Exit Interviews: Our Survival Guide For New MPs

    Now, as a record number of new faces arrive in Westminster, Matt pulls together a helpful guide on how to survive life as an MP - from asking for directions to taking control of your own diary and staying off social media after a drink.Plus: Columnists Rachel Sylvester and Patrick Maguire on Rachel Reeves' first speech as Chancellor, why the Tory leadership candidates are shy about announcing they're running, and the role Reform UK and the Greens will play in the next parliament.Columnists (03:08)The Exit Interviews (25:07)
  • Sunak Out, Starmer In

    Matt Chorley guides you through an extraordinary moment in British politics, as Rishi Sunak leaves Downing Street for the last time and Keir Starmer becomes the UK's first Labour prime minister in 14 years.He's joined by guests including pollster John Curtice, Times Radio Political Editor Kate McCann, and Sunday Times Whitehall Editor Gabriel Pogrund.
  • The Political Editors: The Election

    Former and Current Political Editors Fred Emery, Roland Watson and Steven Swinford tell Matt about reporting on half a century of elections for The Times. They discuss how election coverage has changed and how the 2024 campaign compares to previous years.Plus: Robert Crampton and Alice Thomson discuss whether Boris Johnson's appearance on the campaign trail could lead to a late turnaround for the Conservatives, why the next Labour cabinet should avoid engaging in "class warfare" and the children who've lived above Number 10.Columnists (03:37)The Political Editors (24:18)
  • Keir Starmer's Umbrella

    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer tells Matt about tax, protecting his family, his favourite Elton John record, and his plan for a Downing Street downpour.Plus: In the latest Times Radio Focus Group, James Johnson of JL Partners leads a group of undecided voters who think Piers Morgan should be prime minister.
  • Kings Of Swing: Dimbleby, Vine, Snow & Kanagasooriam

    For decades the holy grail of election night has been swing - the method of comparing support for the parties between general elections invented back in 1955. Matt finds out what kind of swing Keir Starmer needs to get a majority in the Commons and remembers the 'sultan of swing', David Butler, with expert voices in including David Dimbleby, Jeremy Vine, Jon Snow and James Kanagasooriam.Plus: Libby Purves and Rachel Sylvester talk about politics on both sides of the channel after that extraordinary result in France, and asks are there similarities between Nigel Farage and Jeremy Corbyn?