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PMQs: What Was The Point In That?

Keir Starmer focuses on the Post Office Horizon scandal ahead of the Commons vote on Gaza. But have the listeners come up with better questions for the prime minister?

Matt Chorley, Tim Shipman and Lara Spirit pause and unpack all the action from Westminster.

Plus: Columnists Alice Thomson and Robert Crampton discuss who would want to run a public body, what NFU boss Minette Batters really thinks of politicians, and are we getting bored of by-elections?

Columnists (02:20)

PMQs Unpacked (17:00)

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  • Why Tories Prefer Dark Chocolate

    When it comes to chocolate, why are Tories pro-dark and Labour supporters pro-milk? Matt looks at exclusive YouGov polling and dives into the politics of chocolate at a time when cocoa prices are soaring.Plus: James Marriott and Miranda Green discuss Rishi Sunak's "moral mission" to reform welfare, why young adults are being infantilised, and why Liz Truss broke with Royal protocol.Columnists: (02:45)The Big Thing: (25:00)
  • The Tory MP, The 3am Call And The Drunk Dog

    Mark Menzies MP is being investigated by the Conservative party following claims he misused campaign funds, making a late-night call to a 78-year-old aide because he had been locked up by "bad people". The Fylde MP, who has lost the Tory whip, denies the claims.Matt discusses the remarkable details with Billy Kenber, the Times journalist who broke the story, Conservative MP John Hayes, and Times columnists Matthew Parris and Manveen Rana.
  • PMQs: Lettuce vs Lawyers

    For the first time in a month, Tim Shipman joins Matt Chorley to pause and unpack the action from the Commons chamber as Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak attack each other's predecessors and tax plans.Plus: Columnists Alice Thomson and Robert Crampton discuss whether Rishi Sunak's good week could create some momentum for the Conservatives, meeting unfriendly politicians and whether musicians should blame the audience for a bad show.Columnists (02:47)PMQs Unpacked (25:26) 
  • 10 Minutes To Save Liz Truss

    Liz Truss is back with her new book '10 Years To Save The West', where she recounts her brief time in Number 10. Matt brings you the best bits courtesy of impressionist Nerine Skinner and discusses the Truss legacy with former adviser Kirsty Buchanan, biographers Harry Cole and James Heale, and Truss backer Mark Littlewood.Plus: What risk does the CRINK alliance - that's China, Russia, Iran and North Korea - pose to the world order?How To Win An Election (03:44)10 Minutes To Save Liz Truss (20:22)
  • The Exit Interviews: Henry Smith

    As the 100th MP announces they are leaving the Commons at the election, Matt continues his series of interviews finding out what they've learned and why they're going.Conservative MP Henry Smith talks about his disillusionment with the Conservative Party, abuse on social media, and why he's not going to persuade his children to follow him into politics.Plus: Columnists Rachel Sylvester and Libby Purves discuss the role Britain should play in the latest escalation in the Middle East, why employment law disputes drag on too long, and whether political adverts could be making their way onto a streaming service near you.The Exit Interview (21:45)
  • How Parties Waste Money In Elections

    How much do parties spend on "big data", and how much do they still rely on old-fashioned leaflets through the door?Matt finds out how they're planning to spend record amounts this election year, and why some past campaign expenses included 'pest control' and 'emergency chair removal'.Plus: Columnists India Knight and James Marriott discuss Reform UK's woes, teenagers using social media, and supermarket orchids.What We Learned This Week (00:58) Columnists (03:15)How Parties Spend (21:26)
  • When Were The Good Old Days?

    Politicians always tell us the future looks bright, but a new YouGov survey shows that most people are wistful for the good old days. Exactly when you think that was depends on your age. Matt speaks to guests including Historian Dan Snow, who feels nostalgic for the 1990s.Plus: Columnists Manveen Rana and Matt Charlton discuss Rishi Sunak's five pledges, whether artists should be asked to help promote social initiatives, and whether it's ethical for journalists to wait outside politicians' homes. Columnists (02:05)When Were The Good Old Days? (21:56)
  • Classic PMQs Unpacked: He Was The Future Once

    Matt Chorley, Patrick Maguire and Andrew Gimson give the "Unpacked" treatment to a classic PMQs, with Tony Blair and David Cameron going head-to-head in December 2005 for Cameron's debut as Conservative leader. Plus: Columnists Alice Thomson and Robert Crampton discuss whether children are being failed by gender care in the UK, if athletes should be awarded prize money at the Olympics, and pothole fishing.Columnists: (04:24)Classic PMQs Unpacked: (23:23)
  • Why Politics Isn't A Family Affair

    Is it possible to have a happy family life and be a Member of Parliament? Matt speaks to MPs and their family members to find out about the pressures of life at Westminster, and whether more needs to be done to modernise.Plus: A taster of the latest episode of How to Win an Election, where political masterminds Peter Mandelson, Polly Mackenzie and Daniel Finkelstein discuss how to prepare for a TV debate. How To Win An Election (03:50)Why Politics Isn't A Family Affair (16:20)