Armstrong and Miller: Timeghost

Martin Bain-Jones (Alexander Armstrong) and Craig Children (Ben Miller) - old colleagues and expert cultural commentators - get together again to discuss the current cultural scene. Follow us on Instagram @timeghostpod

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  • 10. S3 Ep. 10 Shuddupeyerface

    Ahoy there!In the final cultural round-up of the series, Martin and Craig discuss geriatric skateboarders, the Eurovision Song Contest, Banksy's copyright battles and the differences in how Kevin Spacey and Aziz Ansari have approached their comebacks from being 'cancelled'...Armstrong and Miller: Timeghost is a Hat Trick Podcast

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  • 9. S3 Ep. 9 The Artist's Sandwich

    Ahoy there! In this week's surf down the sandy dunes of culture, Martin & Craig discuss the return of Marilyn Monroe's 26-foot-tall statue in Palm Springs, take listeners through Paul McCartney's 'eye yoga' routine and give their opinions on the Shrek franchise...Armstrong and Miller: Timeghost is a Hat Trick Podcast
  • 8. S3 Ep. 8 Rent-A-Timeghost

    Ahoy there! In this week's cultural round-up, expect Coldplay in space, Hockney in France, the BRITs live at the 02 and Timeghost in your ears. Finally too, updates on Catamaran and the mangetout harvest to boot.Armstrong and Miller: Timeghost is a Hat Trick Podcast
  • 7. S3 Ep. 7 Dog Shaped Lightbulb

    Ahoy there!It's obligatory talk about Star Wars week, May the 4th be with you and all that cantina jazz. Then it's from the red sands of Tattooine to the newly booze soaked sands of Dubai as we discuss Oktoberfest’s new desert home. Also Craig and Martin analyse George W. Bush's art exhibition and ask whether right wing art is among us or out of this world? And finally, will forty thousand pound beach huts lead to Martin's dream of a Waitrose by the sea?Armstrong and Miller: Timeghost is a Hat Trick Podcast
  • 6. S3 Ep. 6 Close, but no Seagal

    Ahoy there! Some prime cuts of cultural beef on the menu today; Craig and Martin discuss whether you can culturally appropriate food, the lockdown Oscars and what’s that scent in the air? Ah it’s the whiff of Elon Musk again as the boys discuss his forthcoming appearance on Saturday Night live. Armstrong and Miller: Timeghost is a Hat Trick Podcast
  • 5. S3 Ep. 5 Tits and Dragons

    Ahoy there! There's a veritable smorgasbord of culture in store today; the pomp and tradition of a royal funeral, the launch of some horrifically awe-inspiring TV anniversary merch and lastly the enormous hoo-hah that is the football Superleague - a subject which these two know extremely little about but are extremely happy to discuss. Let the football chants commence!Armstrong and Miller: Timeghost is a Hat Trick Podcast
  • 4. S3 Ep 4 Functional Y-Fronts

    On the cultural agenda this week, naming new political parties, where did all the bands go? And someone finally, at long last, has written a book about Bob Dylan.Oh and Craig poses in his plus fours ...Armstrong and Miller:Timeghost is a Hat Trick PodcastFollow us @timeghostpod on instagram.