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Tilton Talk Show

Tilton Talk Summer Special 11-06-24

BCFC Fans podcast, Tilton Talk

Summer special catching up on all things that have happened recently at St Andrews, off and on the field.

Also a brief look at the Euros.

With Paul, Claire, Craig, Mark, Allan and Chris

Produced/Edited by Chris Browne

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  • Kevan Broadhurst-My Life At Blues

    Kevan Broadhurst, one of the clubs most loyal servants came in to the studio a while back, quite a party atmosphere!, some great stories from the the former palayer including:His early days prior to the Blues and joining, The managers he palyed under, That incredible win at Wembley,Players Bertschin and Hoppy, The Former Players Association and getting 2 Red cards in the same game!!and much more...!!www.tiltontalk.comEdited/Produced by Chris Browne
  • 5 minutes with Ann-Katrin Berger

    Ann-Katrin Berger popped in to the studio with Marc Skinner to talk about her diognosis.(Short clip, full episode available on Youtube and most platforms)"So ​I ​went ​to ​the ​doctor ​and, after ​a ​few, ​ultrasounds ​and ​a ​ct ​scan, ​they ​actually ​told ​me ​I ​had ​thyroid ​cancer. ​So, ​at ​the ​beginning ​I ​was ​actually ​just ​shocked, ​because ​cancer ​is ​not ​a ​nice ​word,...."
  • Tilton Talk-BBC WM Inspirations

    Craig Courtney chats to the BBC WM about the foundations of Tilton Talkand the BCFC
  • Chris Davies BCFC

    New man in charge at St Andrews, Craig chats to the BBC on the appointment Edited by Chris BrowneAudio BBC
  • Tilton Talk Podcast-Final Show-S13

    The final show of Season 13, looking back at what was an awful season for the club and its supporters,Guest Sukh Singh from the OSC-BCFCFrom Chris, Paul, Craig, Mark, Mark M, Claire and Alan and everyone that helps in keeping us on air, including our sponsor for season 13, Small Affordable Cars, we would like to thank you all for your incredible support!Keep Right On!Edited/Produced by Chris
  • Blues v Norwich -The Away End

    The final away end and the final game..a must win against Norwich at home.With Craig Courtney and Adam
  • David Davis-Tilton Talk-EP36 S13

    David Davis joins us in Episode 36, The final game of the season arrives at St Andrews..can the Blues avoid relegation on the last day?With Paul,Craig, Mark, Mark, Claire, Alan and ChrisProduced/Edited by Chris Browne⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Youtube
  • Huddersfield V Blues-The Away End

    Listen to the penultimate edition of #theawayend. Craig interviews Kosi from And He Takes That Chance podcast With Craig CourtneyEdited and Produced for Audio by Chris BrowneAvailable also on Youtube, Website, Spotify, Apple, Acast and most podcast