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Zoos and Booze

This week we're talking all things animals. We are discussing the elephant in the room... the gorilla. Nostalgic zoo visits. We memorialize the loss of Harambe. with a specially framed ode to Harambe: Ladies and gentlemen, Earlier this week, the world experienced a zoological tragedy in Cincinnati. A caring and nurturing animal was slain by the overzealous and over reactive response of the Cincinnati zoo authorities This was just yet another example of the arrogance of man These beautiful creatures belong not in the confines of torturous captivity, but in the free range of their natural environment This gentle beast was mercilessly struck down during the performance of its natural parental instincts For too long has man tyrannically reigned over the animal kingdom. The savage pride of humanity can no longer remain unchecked We sit here today in remembrance of this noble beast. We do not own this gift of nature, we are merely sharing it with the rest of life. We shall never forget you Harambe Or the sacrifice you have made. Thank you Harambe. Thank You Harambe. More animal stuff and more. Join us this week on Three Beers Inn.

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