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Find joy through exploration.This is the place where we explore wild, wonderful and potentially life-changing ideas about mind, body and this incredible planet we live on. Each guest is also invited to take on a personal

Obese to Buff Beast with Neil Mclatchie - Part 1

Ep. 3
Dr Neil Mclatchie is Psychology Lecturer, martial artist, executive coach and has been my incredible partner in life for the last 11 years. There were many things that I could have talked to Neil about, but the thing that I wanted to focus on for this conversation was the amazing physical transformation he's made losing almost 30 kilos of fat taking him from obese to healthy and now buff.I wanted to find out how he did something that so many of us struggle to do. What did he change to change himself?Highlights in this episode:The importance of rules to take control and go "mindless"Neil's favourite day of the week - aka the glorious "cheat day" (Tim Ferris Slow Carb Diet)The compelling goal of becoming a sexy 40 year old The joy of cereal - All Bran not included!Identifying barriers that hold you back from your goals and smashing themPaying a friend to get your butt off the couchInstagram as a tool to change your identityThe calorie revelation (discovering Greg Doucette)Neil's new food philosophy - low calorie, high protein, high nutrient and delicious Thinking of dieting as a budgetCommitting to no compromise (*95% no compromise) And of course Neil sets his personal environmental challenge in line with his valuesI loved this conversation. It was so interesting to hear Neil's journey and his constantly evolving view of food and himself. I'm curious to find out what could be next! It was also really refreshing to hear about his struggles of binging/dieting and food bargaining, e.g. "If I eat this, then I have to do this". I, like many other people, I'm sure can relate to his experience. I really hope that this conversation has helped you if you are on your own weightloss journey. I think we can all do the everyday incredible.

Adventuring with Joshua Spodek - Part 1

Ep. 1
Joshua Spodek PhD MBA is a three-time TEDx speaker, #1 bestselling author of Initiative and Leadership Step by Step, host of the award-winning Leadership and the Environment podcast, and professor at NYU.Josh is passionate about the environment and sustainability and lives his life in line with his values. For example, he hasn't flown by choice since 2017, produces minimal waste taking over one year to produce a load of garbage, and picks up one piece of street litter per day every day.In this episode we talk about how Josh's lifestyle choices, which at first glance may appear limiting, actually maximize his enjoyment and experience of life. He explains his adventure philosophy - how to find all the adventure and excitement you'll ever desire by overcoming "constraints", taking on personal challenges and exploring and connecting with your own neighbourhood. No polluting plane travel required!Other highlights in this episode:The serendipitous chain of events that led to me meeting Josh resulting in this podcastA new name for junk foodRe-defining extreme and moderateHow Josh connects with Peruvian people without ever leaving his homeLiving by the maxim “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”Doing difficult thingsEmbracing quirksHow Josh changed my lifeAnd of course Josh sets his personal environmental challenge in line with his valuesI loved this conversation. Josh really is an incredible and interesting person and on top of all of his many world class achievements, the thing that I find most awe-inspiring is his deep kindness, compassion and desire to help others every way he can.