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Mark Seymour & The Undertow

Season 1, Ep. 343

Join us for a captivating episode featuring Mark Seymour & The Undertow. Renowned as one of Australia's most revered songwriters, Mark Seymour returns with his band, The Undertow, to unveil their latest masterpiece, "The Boxer." This deeply personal album delves into themes of anger, love, urban decay, and self-discovery, showcasing Mark's unparalleled talent for storytelling. In today's conversation, we delve into the inspiration behind the songs on this remarkable record, exploring Mark's journey as a songwriter and his enduring legacy with Hunters & Collectors. Plus, discover how a serendipitous introduction to the music of Phoebe Bridgers by his daughter influenced Mark's creative path. 

Mark Seymour & The Undertow: Instagram / Spotify

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  • 357. The Decemberists (Colin Meloy)

    Our guests today are one of my favourite bands of the last 20's The Decemberists! The beloved indie rock band from Portland, Oregon, has been delighting audiences for over 20 years with their literary take on indie and folk rock, featuring critically acclaimed albums like 'The Crane Wife' and 'The Hazards of Love.' Last week, they released their brilliant ninth studio record, their first double album, 'As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again.' In today's episode, we were lucky enough to speak with frontman Colin Meloy about the new record. We discuss the distinctive sound of this album, which combines elements of all previous Decemberists records. We explore the unique sections of the double album and how some parts sound completely different from others. Additionally, we delve into Colin's introduction to songwriting and the birth of the band. Plus, we probe Colin about when we might see them in Australia next.The Decemberists: Instagram / SpotifyPurchase 'As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again' here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 356. LAUREL

    Our guest on the podcast today is the incredibly talented LAUREL. The British pop singer-songwriter has worked with Aussie artists like Flume and Kita Alexander and is here to celebrate the release of her highly anticipated second record, "PALPITATIONS." In today's episode, we dive deep into the exciting sonic shift away from her debut, "DOGVIOLET," and explore the creative process behind the album. We discuss her collaboration with longtime partner Jeremy Malvin, also known as Chrome Sparks, and how her music has evolved. LAUREL also shares insights into her growing connection with the Australian music scene, her experiences touring down under, and her ventures into the fashion world.LAUREL: Instagram / SpotifyPurchase 'PALPITATIONS' here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 355. Bonny Light Horseman

    Our guests today are folk rock trio Bonny Light Horseman, featuring Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson, and Josh Kaufman. They recently released their stunning third studio album, a double album titled "Keep Me On Your Mind / See You Free”. This album, which was recorded in an old Irish pub, blends traditional folk music with a more experimental and raw sound. In today's episode, we talk to Eric, Anaïs, and Josh about the delicate and stunning songwriting that permeates this record. We discuss the most challenging song to record due to its heartbreaking lyrics and talk about taking this record out on tour, including whether Bonny Light Horseman might make their way to Australia.Bonny Light Horseman: Instagram / SpotifyPurchase 'Keep Me On Your Mind / See You Free' here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 354. Crowded House (Nick Seymour)

    Our guest today is the iconic band Crowded House! Last week, they ushered in a fresh chapter with their brilliant 8th studio record, 'Gravity Stairs.' We have original member Nick Seymour with us in today’s episode to delve into all things 'Gravity Stairs.' We'll talk about the songwriting process of this record, how the band members united from different corners of the globe to create this fantastic album, and the fresh dynamic the new lineup brings to the band's sound. Furthermore, we'll dive into the evolution of the band's music and how the infusion of new members introduced new elements into this globally loved band. Additionally, we'll discuss their upcoming Australian tour, giving fans a sneak peek into what they can expect from these highly anticipated shows. Crowded House: Instagram / SpotifyCatch Crowded House on tour here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 353. SOFI TUKKER return!

    Our guest today is the dynamic electronic duo SOFI TUKKER. Earlier this month, they announced their highly anticipated third album, "Bread" ("Be Really Energetic and Dance"), and dropped a fantastic new single, "Throw Some Ass," to kick off this new era. We're thrilled to welcome Sophie and Tucker back to the podcast to dive into all things "Bread" and "Throw Some Ass." We'll discuss the forthcoming record, the significant influence of Brazilian music, and the wild music video for "Throw Some Ass." Plus, we'll chat about their upcoming Australian tour with J Balvin and what fans can expect from these high-energy shows.SOFI TUKKER: Instagram / SpotifyCatch SOFI TUKKER on tour here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 352. Olympia

    Our guest today is alternative pop songwriter Olympia, who recently released her stunning new EP 'Love for One'. In this episode, Olympia takes us through the sonic landscape of "Love for One" and the inspirations behind its unique sound. We delve into the theme of the female perspective that threads throughout the EP and discuss the songwriting process behind some of its standout tracks. Additionally, we explore Olympia's collaborative relationship with producer Burke Reid, renowned for his work with Courtney Barnett and Julia Jacklin, and how their partnership influenced the creation of this EP.Olympia: Instagram / SpotifyCatch Olympia on tour here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 351. DIIV

    Our guest today is beloved shoegaze band DIIV. They're back with their fourth studio album, 'Frog In Boiling Water', which is already being praised as the "greatest political shoegaze album of 2024." Recently, we had the chance to chat with Zachary and Ben about this new release. In today's episode, we delve into the struggles the band faced between albums—struggles that nearly halted the creation of this record. We discuss how their band dynamics have evolved, their changing approach to songwriting and recording, and the stories behind tracks like "Little Birds." We also get the scoop on their potential plans for an Australian tour.DIIV: Instagram / SpotifyPurchase 'Frog in Boiling Water' here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 350. Arooj Aftab

    Our guest today is Grammy award-winning songwriter Arooj Aftab. The Pakistani-American, genre-crossing artist is set to release her fifth studio record later this week, titled "Night Reign." This spellbinding new album delves into the emotions and events that unfold during the nocturnal hours. While Arooj was in Australia for Womadelaide in March, we had the opportunity to sit down with her to discuss this stunning new record. In today's episode, we explore the duality of 'Night Reign'. with its rich, immersive soundscapes and profound lyricism. We'll also talk about the impact of her Grammy win for 'Vulture Prince' and how it influenced the creation of 'Night Reign'. Additionally, we'll get insights into her current live show and hear about her ongoing tour.Arooj Aftab: Instagram / SpotifyPurchase 'Night Reign' here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 349. CXLOE

    Our guest today is Australian pop sensation CXLOE, a long-time champion for pop music in Australia. She’s just released her highly anticipated debut album, 'Shiny New Thing'. In this episode, we dive into her journey into songwriting and how she got her start. We discuss her move to America to pursue full-time songwriting due to the limitations she faced within the Australian music scene. We also break down one of her songs, delving into why production is so crucial for CXLOE.CXLOE: Instagram / SpotifyPurchase 'Shiny New Thing' here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube