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David Duchovny

Season 1, Ep. 74

David Duchovny is our guest on This Song Is Yours this week! The legendary multi-hyphenate hasn't taken any time off during the pandemic. Earlier this year he released his incredible new book Truly Like Lightning, and tomorrow he released his third studio record Gestureland. In today's episode, we're talking with David about Gestureland, his creative process, how to subtly work politics into song (to varying degrees) and we discuss the music of Joni Mitchell and The Beatles.

You can listen to David's playlist here.

You can listen to Gestureland here.

You can buy the record here.

You can buy his book Truly Like Lightning here.

David Duchovny Instagram: @davidduchovny

David Duchovny FB: @davidduchovny

Thanks again to David Duchovny for his time. We also want to give a special shout out to Erika Tooker for her assistance with this episode.

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