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Conor Maynard

Season 1, Ep. 228

UK popstar Conor Maynard jumps on the pod today! Conor rose to fame in 2012 when he won MTV's Brand New award, competing against artists like Lana Del Rey and Lianne La Havas, and has gone on to release Top 20 singles since and work with artists like Frank Ocean and Pharrell Williams. Last week, he released his brand new single If I Ever, which is a perfect piece of break-up pop. In today's episode, we're speaking with Conor about the songwriting behind his new single, how he chooses collaborators to work with, the best piece of advice Katy Perry ever gave him, and we discuss The Last Of Us television series. We might also have an update for those fans waiting to hear about an Australian/Asia tour.

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Thanks again to Conor Maynard for his time. We also want to give a special shout out to Jon from Prospect PR for her help with this episode.

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    Honoured to be joined by alternative rock royalty today: it’s Sleater-Kinney! The iconic band from Olympia, Washington have been trailblazers for the last three decades, shaping the industry with their feminist anthems and progressive lyrics. Their latest masterpiece, "Little Rope," delves into themes of pain, grief, and resilience, showcasing their enduring relevance and artistry. In today’s episode, we’re chatting to Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker about the creation of 'Little Rope', exploring the inspiration behind its standout tracks. We unravel the band's origins and how their time in Australia influenced their distinctive sound originally. And don't miss the exciting announcement of their upcoming Australian tour, where Sleater-Kinney will be gracing our stages in May!Sleater-Kinney: Instagram / Facebook / SpotifyPurchase 'Little Rope' here. Buy tickets to their Australian tour here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 330. Middle Kids return!

    We’re stepping into the world of indie rock with Hannah Joy from Middle Kids! Today, we're thrilled to have her back on the podcast to celebrate the release of their stunning third album, 'Faith Crisis Pt 1', hitting the shelves today! In this episode, we delve into the heart of their latest record, exploring themes of personal crisis and meaning. Hannah shares insights into how motherhood has shaped her songwriting, their collaboration with producer Jonathon Gilmore, and the experience of duetting with Dave Le’aupepe from Gang of Youths. Plus, we get the inside scoop on Middle Kids' upcoming tour plans for Australia.Middle Kids: Instagram / SpotifyPurchase 'Faith Crisis Pt 1' here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 329. Molly Lewis

    Step into the world of mesmerizing melodies with our guest today, Molly Lewis, renowned as one of the world's foremost whistlers. From collaborations with artists like Karen O, Mac DeMarco, and Dr. Dre to her recent contribution to the Barbie Score alongside Mark Ronson, Molly's musical journey is as fascinating as it is diverse. As she prepares to unveil her stunning debut record 'On The Lips' later this week, join us for an exploration into her extraordinary talent, paying homage to one of her whistling heroes Alessandro Alessandroni, discussing her experience working on the Barbie soundtrack, and gaining insights into her creative songwriting process.Molly Lewis: Instagram / SpotifyPurchase 'On The Lips' here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
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    Join us for an electrifying episode as we welcome They Hate Change to the podcast! Hailing from sunny Tampa Bay, Vonne Parks and Andre Gainey form a dynamic duo on a mission beyond rap. Their musical palette spans genres from East Coast hip-hop to prog, emo to Miami bass, jazz to drum & bass, earning them the label "encyclopedic" for their diverse influences. Fresh off the release of their latest EP, "Wish You Were Here," Vonne and Dre join us to unravel the magic behind their music. We explore their collaboration with external producers, delve into their creative processes, and reminisce about their sun-soaked Aussie tour from last year.They Hate Change: Instagram / Spotify You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 326. Emily Wurramara

    Step into the mesmerising world of Emily Wurramara in today's episode, where the extraordinary First Nations songwriter unveils the enchanting notes of her latest single, 'Magic Woman Dancing.' A force in the music scene with ARIA nominations and multiple awards, Emily has graced stages alongside legends like Midnight Oil, Uncle Archie Roach, and Mavis Staples. Join us as Emily takes us on a journey through the inspiration behind 'Magic Woman Dancing,' offering a glimpse into her creative process and the magic that shapes her sound. We also dive into the wild and visually stunning music video accompanying the song, exploring the creative chaos that birthed this visual masterpiece. Emily shares insights into her musical future, leaving us eager for the sonic gems she may gift us in the coming year.Emily Wurramara: Instagram / Spotify / YoutubeFind more information on Kennell & Co here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 325. Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids)

    Today, we’re diving into the rich tapestry of alternative music history with our guest, Matt Pryor from the iconic emo band, The Get Up Kids. His inaugural memoir, "Red Letter Days," unfolds the first decade of his musical adventure and the genesis of The Get Up Kids, making this episode a must-listen for aficionados of 90s and 2000s punk and emo music. Join us in conversation with Matt as he unveils the motivations behind documenting his musical chronicles and discusses the genuine storytelling woven into his memoir. We traverse the early days of the band and contemplate the evolving nuances of the term "emo" and its profound significance during that era.The Get Up Kids: Instagram / SpotifyPurchase 'Red Letter Days' here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 324. NewDad (Julie Dawson)

    Our guest today on the pod are Irish indie darlings, NewDad. The Galway-based alt-rock sensation are gearing up to unleash their debut masterpiece, "MADRA", later this week. In this episode, we're joined by front-woman, Julie Dawson, who unveils the captivating stories behind this brilliant record, from its creation highs to the band's humble high school beginnings. Julie also discusses collaborating with producer Alan Moulder (My Bloody Valentine, Beach House) for the new record. And for our friends down under, we're slipping in the burning question – could a NewDad tour grace Australia later this year? Julie has all the answers.NewDad: Instagram / TikTok / SpotifyPurchase 'MADRA' here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube
  • 323. Dylan Gossett

    Embark on an exciting episode with the talented Dylan Gossett, currently touring Australia with Noah Kahan. His debut EP, "No Better Time," earned him a spot on Spotify's Hot Country Artists to Watch. In this chat, we uncover Dylan's musical magic, exploring his creative process, self-taught guitar journey, and the stories behind his EP. Discover the joy of collaborating with his brother and get an exclusive scoop on Dylan's plans for new music in 2024.Dylan Gossett: Instagram / TikTok / SpotifyTickets to Noah Kahans Aus tour here.You can support the pod here: TSIY Insta / TSIY TikTok / TSIY Youtube