This is the Life

A travel podcast about beer, supported by Penta Hotels...

Paddy and Rory are not beer experts - as much as they might act like it after a couple of pints. What they lack in knowledge about the stuff, they make up for in their naive enthusiasm for the magic moments it can provide. After countless hours of sitting in London pubs, discussing how much they'd love to be having a drink anywhere else in the world but there, the pair decided to do something about it. So they dusted off their microphones, grabbed their passports and headed out into the world in search of some answers to some pretty serious questions: "is a pint too large of a quantity?", "is the location of the drink more important than how it tastes?" and "Where is my room key? Oh god, oh god, not again. I've locked myself out in my pants. I am pathetic. Why do I keep doing this?"

The end result is T.I.T.L (This is The Life). Each episode will take our hosts to a different branch of Penta Hotels, tasting their way around the unique regional beer offerings of each city and discussing what makes them special... and hey, maybe having a laugh along the way? Hahaha!