cover art for Butt-Tox - May 9, 2024

This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper

Butt-Tox - May 9, 2024

Season 2, Ep. 17

David packs this episode of This Is Going Well, I Think with four riveting interviews. First it's Chris Bustamante, a nurse practitioner and owner of Lushful Aesthetics, who trademarked HoleToxyes, that's botox for your butthole!!! Then, associate professor of psychology at York University Amy Muise walks us through research that dispels the notion of the five "love languages." After that, another professor of psychology, this time at University of Toronto, Steve Joordens and David discuss whether children should be able to take mental health days. And finally, it's Tony Five's triumphant return to the show – except it's anything but triumphant! (Tony describes what he does on the show as "abject banality.") Watch out for David's great joke edited into Tony's interview. We promise it'll all make sense in the end.

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  • 52. Skinny Dip Day - July 12, 2024

    Foreign correspondent Tony Five takes over the show. Tony's top stories: Mom's on mushrooms; and Dog-to-human communication with AI. After that, Stéphane Deschênes, the first Canadian President of the International Federation of Naturists discusses International Skinny Dip Day and shares his nude beach etiquette tips. Then, it's psychotherapist Jourdan Travers on the question: Are crushes in relationships harmless or concerning? Tony Five returns to go over two separate Biden gaffes. Toronto-based comedian Natalie Norman shares details about her karaoke birthday. Finally, intern Zach Zhang discusses Pokemon Go, and he and David dive into a clickbait article.
  • 51. Havana Syndrome - July 11, 2024

    David's top stories: Nudists tackle pirate; Man stopped with 104 snakes in his pants; and British police dislike TV show named Piglets. Then, it's Conspiracy Corner with cultural history professor Nathan Radke. (Check out Nathan's podcast The Uncover Up Conspiracy Cast.) David and Nathan touch upon the bizarre Havana Syndrome. After that, It's Time for Technology Time with Carmi Levy. Topics covered from the tech industry: A large password leak; A Ticketmaster data breach; The new social media app "noplace"; and Nintendo's promise not to use generative AI. After that, it's Dr. Jennifer K. Peterson, medical entomologist and assistant professor at University of Delaware on the "deadly" kissing bugs discovered in Delaware. Finally, it's London-based foreign correspondent Tony Five on Britain's soccer success and Trump threatening to jail a certain billionaire, if elected.
  • 50. A Bee Stung My Eye - July 10, 2024

    David's back from vacation with top stories: Spanish man takes six years off work unnoticed; and Mom steals candy from juvey. Then, it's The Science Appliance with Dan Riskin. Dan tells David how ants amputate their nest-mates, about a man getting stung by a bea in the eyeball, that high ceilings make bad students, and about "The Puppy Blues." After that, it's Therapy Thursdays on a Wednesday with therapist and social worker Gary Direnfeld. David and Gary take on the serious topic of childhood sexual abuse, sparked by the article in the Toronto Star by Alice Munro's daughter. Finally, professor of global geophysics at University of Leeds Jonathan Mound discusses how the Earth's core has slowed so much it's moving backward.
  • 49. How To Adult - July 2, 2024

    David's top stories: A jailhouse animal farm; and a unique "poo"-zeum. Then, It's Time for Technology Time with Carmi Levy. Carmi discusses another man arrested for shooting down a Drone and deorbiting the International Space Station. Foreign correspondent Tony Five and David go over how difficult being an adult is, and the class differences between the UK and the US. Sociology professor Scott Schieman shares the findings from his article The Misery Myth: Are your coworkers happier than you think? Finally, it's epidemiologist and postdoctoral fellow at McMaster University André McDonald on his study showing that teens who use cannabis are 11 times more likely to develop a psychotic disorder. See you on July 10th!
  • 48. Full Body Stank - July 1, 2024

    David's top stories: Florida man shoots drone; AI chatbot lies, says it's human; and UFO spotted above Red Rocks. Dermatologist Dr. Nkem Ugonabo gives us the info on whole-body deodorant and answers other dermatological questions. Comedian Natalie Norman and David go over topic: Asking for what you want. Foreign correspondent Tony Five talks about a horrible game that never made it to air, and the upcoming UK elections. Sammy Younan, host of podcast My Summer Lair, discusses the Hate to Love: Nickelback movie. Intern Zach Zhang and David discuss negativity in the media.
  • 47. Spaceship Slingshot - June 28, 2024

    David and foreign correspondent Tony Five debrief the US general election debate. Then, it's The Science Appliance with Dan Riskin. Dan talks about how we're meaner to people in our own country than those who are far away, how engineers are working on the sun-slingshot maneuver from Star Trek, and how if you're bad at recognizing faces, it may hurt your social life. After that, It's Time for Technology Time with Carmi Levy. Carmi shares that Canada joined NASA in the fight against asteroids smashing earth, and the story of a toddler rescued from a Tesla. David rants about music and video piracy as the two discuss the five men convicted for an illegal Netflix clone. Kristine Seguin – the owner of Axel the cat, an overweight cat and TikTok star – makes an appearance. Finally, supply networks and aviation lecturer at McGill John Gradek explains why things are going from bad to worse in the airline industry.
  • 46. Don't Like It, Don't Look! - June 27, 2024

    David's top stories: Cleaning is sexy; Man breaks Canadian political record; and The $175,000 payout for a middle finger. Then, it's Naked News anchor Eila Adams on flashing her chest at major NYC tourist attractions (in the name of gender equality). Chief field studies research scientist Dr. Heather Coatsworth at Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory shares the scoop on a new tick-borne disease that's on the rise. Foreign correspondent Tony Five brings us Proverbial Provincial News from the United Kingdom. Conspiracy theory expert Dr. Lee Kuhnle drops in for Conspiracy Corner. David has a surprise for Lee, then the two talk about the 2022 German coup d'état attempt and the Illuminati. (Check out Lee's podcast The Uncover Up Conspiracy Cast.) Sociology professor Scott Schieman shares his research on actual workplace stress vs. perceived workplace stress. Finally, C2C Journal's senior features editor Peter Shawn Taylor talks about his opinion piece Junk Science Week: Does sex really count in the operating room?
  • 45. To Denali with a Can - June 26, 2024

    David's top stories: A stinky Danish gas tax; An odd lawsuit; and Tickle orgasms. Astrobiology professor Sarah Rugheimer shares her story climbing Denali, the highest peak in North America. (Check out Sarah's audiobook Searching for Extraterrestrial Life.) Camille Testard, neuroscience research fellow at Harvard, monkeys around with the finding that Rhesus macaques got along better after an awful hurricane. Then, it's Therapy Thursdays on a Wednesday with therapist Gary Direnfeld. David and Gary discuss aging, and why spanking is a terrible idea. Foreign correspondent Tony Five calls in live from a disaster unfolding north of London. David congratulates intern Zach Zhang and the two chat about making friends on apps.
  • 44. You've Changed, App - June 25, 2024

    David's top stories: The curious case of moon poop; Racecar rats; and Mail cancelled by seagulls. Then, it's Sex, Etc. with sexual health and consent educator Samantha Bitty where she and David navigate the topic of discussing your partner's sexual history. The two answer the question: Have dating apps, changed? After that, Mike Shekhtman on the fact that 4 in 10 hiring managers report regretting the people they've hired. Foreign correspondent Tony Five and a very sleepy David answer prompts from a game called 20 Questions For Idiots By Idiots. Women's wellness coach Kat Ostroumova talks about Thyroid Awareness Month.