cover art for Samantha Bitty - November 14, 2023

This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper

Samantha Bitty - November 14, 2023

Season 1, Ep. 91

Sexual health and consent educator Samantha Bitty arrives just in time for David to talk about his cat and share a half-baked take on the ethics of pet ownership. Samantha relates a mutual dislike of dogs to the reason David and she are childless. The two discuss why women face pushback from doctors when asking for sterilization treatment. Samantha gives the scoop about a recent surgery and explains why she chose to decline pain management with narcotics. The two discuss sobriety, focusing on "recovered addict math." The discussion ends with this: Is masturbation ever procrastination in a capitalist society?

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  • 23. Hot Water, Cold Water - May 17, 2024

    David interviews science communicator and media personality Dan Riskin about "hearing" the temperature of water, and the science (or lack thereof) of whether stand-up comedians are a psychological mess. Then, sexual health and consent educator Samantha Bitty discusses dating (read: horrible dating) and ghosting. Finally, UK-based foreign correspondent Tony Five listens to David's half-baked theory on how being pooped on birds came to be considered good luck. Tony asks David about his childhood. David sings.(BONUS: watch Why It Was Almost Impossible to Make the Blue LED)
  • 22. The Somerton Man - May 16, 2024

    David has a surprise guest advise him on New York City real estate. Tony Five asks David what he'd do if he had a day to live, and tells us the story of The Somerton Man. Toronto-based comedian Natalie Norman and David go over dating app Hinge's new feature: an attempt to ban ghosting.
  • 21. Workman's Tea - May 15, 2024

    David shares a couple stories of the day. Technology expert Carmi Levy discusses the US military evaluating robot war dogs, Chat GPT-4o, TikTok being the first social network to label AI generated content, and more. Then, psychology professor Dr. Stephen Hupp on debunking the harmful policies still used in American schools today. And finally, foreign correspondent Tony Five and David discuss tea – you know, with Tony being British and all. Tony asks David how he acts when blue-collar workers enter his home.
  • 20. The Intern - May 14, 2024

    This Is Going Well, I Think is getting a new staff member: an intern! After going over a story of the day, David calls the show's producer Dani to share the excitement and check in on the health of the show. Then, David speaks with epidemiologist Zoey Laskaris who lead a study that revealed a staggering one in five app delivery drivers in NYC have been assaulted. After that, an interview with foreign correspondent Tony Five on the semi-serious topic of the future of AI. David surprises Tony with the intern news, and David throws intern Kelvin into the deep end by interviewing him with Tony.
  • 19. Go Play a Video Game - May 13, 2024

    This Is Going Well, I Think begins just as David runs out of nicotine gum. Then, it's Therapy Thursdays on a Monday with Gary Direnfeld. Gary discusses kids and video game addictions – David spiritedly weighs in on the topic and draws from personal experience. After that, comedy class instructor Melody Johnson answers the question: Can You Teach Funny?
  • 18. Bat Nasal Echolocation Hour for 4 Hours - May 10, 2024

    It's another installment of This Is Going Well, I Think. (But honestly, what else would this be?) David goes through some stories of the day. Science educator and media personality Dan Riskin talks about strange Viking body modifications and speedy frog evolution – but David turns the conversation to super fungus and personal shower routines. Technology expert Carmi Levy and David get into a spirited debate on how Gen Z's don't care if "influencers" are AI bots or real people. Finally, comedian Natasha Vinik talks about being in Los Angeles for the Netflix is a Joke festival and how she's "all backed up."
  • 17. Butt-Tox - May 9, 2024

    David packs this episode of This Is Going Well, I Think with four riveting interviews. First it's Chris Bustamante, a nurse practitioner and owner of Lushful Aesthetics, who trademarked HoleTox – yes, that's botox for your butthole!!! Then, associate professor of psychology at York University Amy Muise walks us through research that dispels the notion of the five "love languages." After that, another professor of psychology, this time at University of Toronto, Steve Joordens and David discuss whether children should be able to take mental health days. And finally, it's Tony Five's triumphant return to the show – except it's anything but triumphant! (Tony describes what he does on the show as "abject banality.") Watch out for David's great joke edited into Tony's interview. We promise it'll all make sense in the end.
  • 16. Give Me Space - May 7, 2024

    Tony Five gives a final Seaman's Alive with Tony Five update. Then, it's all things space with astrobiologist Sarah Rugheimer, who tells us about a laser that hit earth from 140 million miles away, moon seeds taking root around the US, and more. Social worker Gary Direnfeld partakes in Therapy Thursdays and a Tuesday with David and the two discuss labels.
  • 15. Mommy, What's My Name? - May 3, 2024

    Tony Five gives us the seaman's update. David walks us through a Florida Man's snakes in underpants story. Science educator Dan Riskin tells us how words of self-affirmation are a good thing, and about an AI with an intentionally twisted mind. Associate psychology professor at York College of Pennsylvania, Dr. Samantha Deffler talks about what goes on when you mix up your children's names. David calls his mother with the results of Dr. Deffler's research.