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  • 99. Dan Riskin - December 1, 2023

    Science educator and bat biologist Dan Riskin catches us up on what's new in his world: it mostly involves snow tires and AI. Dan askes David if he's bought a home yet. Astronaut Chris Hadfield's name gets dropped, which leads nicely into reports of the horrible thing that happens to your fingernails after a spacewalk. Dan brings up how a bat with a perplexingly large penis mates. David talks about how genitals came out during his Thanksgiving. The two discuss the benefit of extra appendages. David and Daniel schedule their next interview.
  • 98. Producer Dani & Tony Five - November 30, 2023

    David and Tony Five invite producer Dani to hash out the details of a new segment for this show called What's Weird About You? David gifts Dani a new email address. The three share what's weird about themselves and discuss the British royal family.Segment details: Every week or so, Tony will bring a new person on the show who has a trait, talent, job, or hobby that's weird and David will have to guess what that weird thing is. If you'd like to be on the show, please email,, or or all three, really.
  • 97. Natalie Norman - November 29, 2023

    Toronto-based comedian Natalie Norman joins This Is Going Well, I Think and shares a recent orgasm-based medication decision she made. David fumbles an interview question. Natalie talks about her time as a real estate agent. David compliments Natalie on being a good cat sitter. Natalie gives her take on David's romantic relationship.
  • 96. Tony Five - November 28, 2023

    It's the American Thanksgiving wrap-up with Tony Five on This Is Going Well, I Think! David and Tony catch up on what happened during Tony's visit to New York. David educates Tony about a pejorative he used at the event. Tony lists his fellow Thanksgiving attendees, but David directs him to discuss the food. Tony talks about something very indecent that David and his brother did after dinner. David talks about how his cat caught on fire. Tony floats the idea of heading to Burning Man in 2024.The show ends with a live clip of Tony getting a tattoo of a paper plane at a tattoo parlour during his trip to NYC.
  • 95. Nikki Vasconez - November 27, 2023

    Animal communicator Nikki Vasconez joins a somewhat skeptical David Cooper to talk about what it means to be a pet psychic. How does it work? What are the strange things our pets are trying to say? The interview concludes with Nikki doing a reading for David's cat Tomato. (And no, we didn't book Nikki just to get David a free reading!)Tomorrow Tony Five joins us for the Thanksgiving debrief!
  • 94. Tony Five - November 21, 2023

    British Tony Five drops in on This Is Going Well, I Think before he heads off to New York to visit David where they'll celebrate Thanksgiving. The two mostly discuss the holiday, and David tells an extremely crass story about how a friend received a vulgar nickname.CONTENT WARNING: Extremely graphic scatalogical and sexual organ references in this episode. Discretion advised for sensitive listeners or those listening with children.