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  • 9. Tony's Return - April 19, 2024

    David starts the show with Tony Five's triumphant return – and phone call with Tony's mother. Then, it's science expert Dan Riskin who follows up on how he enjoyed viewing the eclipse in its path of totality. (Even though David definitely interviewed Dan after the eclipse last week.) Finally, it's psychology PhD candidate at University of Toronto Elaine Hoan on the study the shows how personality type can help predict who's single or in a relationship, and how happy they are.

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  • 8. PMDD & Big Foot - April 18, 2024

    After talking about a shrimp-based financial disaster, David is joined by comedian Natasha Vinik and the two go over how difficult the tech job market is. (Bonus: she'll be playing in the Netflix is a Joke festival in May.) Then, it's everything to do with Sasquatch and Big Foot – and whether they're the same thing – with expert in the field, and host of the show Sasquatch University, Ryan Willis.
  • 7. Therapy Thursdays on a Wednesday - April 17, 2024

    It's therapy time with therapist and social worker Gary Direnfeld, or more affectionately it's: Gar-apy! Today's topic is funks – how to help friends who are in them, and how to deal with them yourselves.
  • 6. The Little Voyager That Could - April 16, 2024

    After the story of the day (Snap! Crackle! Pop!) and a fungus-based voicemail from "Stephanie," David interviews technology expert Carmi Levy about how NASA may have a fix for the deep space Voyager I probe, and a proposed time standard for the moon. Then, it's why "chosen family" is so important to millennials and Gen Z with cultural historian and author Ainsley Hawthorn.
  • 5. Flat Earthers - April 15, 2024

    Conspiracy Theory expert Dr. Lee Kuhnle, host of The Uncover Up Conspiracy Cast, answers the question: what can we learn from flat earthers? The surprising answer, turns out to be a playbook for bridging divides between two very opposite groups of people.
  • 4. 45 Reasons to Dump a Man - April 12, 2024

    After an abridged telling of the offbeat stories of the day, David interviews San Francisco-based comedian Natasha Vinik about her recent break up and how she'll be playing in the Netflix is a Joke festival in May. Then, David confesses to therapist and social worker Gary Direnfeld how long it's been since he's been to the dentist.
  • 3. Florida Man's Asteroid & Abiogenesis - April 11, 2024

    It's the Thursday science, technology and biology special on This Is Going Well, I Think. After sharing some of the offbeat stories of the day, David interviews science educator Dan Riskin about what happened on Monday's eclipse. Dan shares a tale of space trash that landed in a Florida Man's home. Then, it's chemistry professor Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy sharing his research on how life could have started on earth – abiogenesis. Finally, it's technology expert Carmi Levy on how Apple is adopting modern text messaging for all. (We'll probably discuss AI too.)