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  • 120. Nathan Radke - February 21, 2024

    David has cultural history professor and conspiracy theory expert Nathan Radke on today to help him pronounce the word spherules. Also to discuss what one Harvard astronomy professor claims is new evidence of alien spacecraft. (Check out Nathan's podcast The Uncover Up Conspiracy Cast which he cohosts with Dr. Lee Kuhnle.)

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  • 119. Games Night w/ Tony Five & Producer Dani - February 16, 2024

    David gives us a window into a new project he's working on, by sharing a taping of Games Night: hosted by Tony Five, and joined by producer Dani.
  • 118. Sarah Rugheimer - February 14, 2023

    Astrobiologist and astrophysicist Professor Sarah Rugheimer joins David to discuss a close call with Earth and some asteroids, and a newly discovered "super-earth" just 137 light years away.
  • 117. Stand Up: Material Check - February 9, 2024

    David's got a stand-up comedy gig tonight. (Well, hosting gig.) Herein lays his material. Deeply out practice, David's material is... spoiler: not great.
  • 116. Dr. David Rosenfeld - February 6, 2024

    David Cooper has proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld (@TushyDoc) on his show to solicit free medical advice. David asks the doctor why one goes into proctology. David talks about his failed attempt to get a scatological vanity licence plate. The doctor describes what happens during a fecal impaction. David talks about his first rectal exam, and asks about anal fissures. The two discuss shy poopers (those with the inability to go in public). The doc suggests taking psyllium fiber, and then proceeds to get pretty spiritual. David sneaks in a final question: what's the weirdest thing the doctor's ever found in someone's butt?
  • 115. Where I've Been - February 5, 2024

    David fills the show's listenership on where's he been. (Singular intended on "listener.")
  • 114. Tony Five - January 26, 2024

    Tony Five discusses his upcoming visit with David's brother on This Is Going Well, I Think. Tony mentions David's "anal finger." Tony talks about The Book of Mormon and Burning Man, and shares how he's been feeling these past few weeks. The two ponder what it would be like to be on the air in North Korea and then debate sending producer Dani there on assignment.