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  • 58. Fish Odor Syndrome - July 22, 2024

    David's top stories: A depressed black bear in Florida; Salmon sperm facials; and A physicist honored very, very late. After that, It's Time For Technology Time with tech expert Carmi Levy. Carmi and David cover the CrowdStrike-caused outages, Pornhub "pulling out" of Nebraska, and Apple telling users not to use Google Chrome. Then, foreign correspondent Tony Five and David discuss fish odor syndrome (trimethylaminuria), Joe Biden dropping out of the 2024 presidential race, and accent discrimination. Dr. Shir Atzil shares her research about how "super synchronizers" are more attractive. Finally, it's Ten Questions About NASCAR From An Idiot Who Knows Nothing About NASCAR with news manager and morning news anchor at 640 Toronto, Dave Bradley.

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  • 57. Great Days in Internet History - July 19, 2024

    David's top stories: Orange lobster avoids slaughter; Harvard study says aliens may walk among us; and 14ft boa constrictor found in NY plumbing. Then, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at University of Michigan, Rada Mihalcea dives into her research seeking to interpret dog barks using AI. After that, San Francisco-based stand-up comedian Natasha Vinik talks about men who play guitar in the bedroom, comedy roasts, and her recent breakup. Then foreign correspondent Tony Five and David go over the greatest days in Internet history. Finally, iHeartRadio Talk Network producer and beard wearing Tony Tedesco shares a study claiming men with beards make better romantic partners. As is now custom at the end of the week, David sings.
  • 56. Tab-oholics Anonymous - July 18, 2024

    Shirking his duty to go over the offbeat news of the day, David calls producer Dani to go over ten subtle ways to tell if someone dislikes you. Then, science communicator at the department of physics at University of Guelph, professor Orbax talks about lava tubes and bases on the moon and an icy and newly discovered planet. After that it's Proverbial Provincial News with foreign correspondent Tony Five. Finally, Toronto-based comedian Natalie Norman and David discuss web browser tab addiction, and the Burning Man festival.
  • 55. Cat Talk - July 17, 2024

    Because of a slow news day, David calls producer Dani to go over eight morning habits of unsuccessful people. After that, it's tardy therapist Gary Direnfeld for Therapy Thursdays on a Wednesday. David shares the concept of a "bank account of goodwill," and Gary talks about yelling. Richard Binzel, a professor of planetary science at MIT, educates us on a special meteorite's 100th birthday. Veterinarian Dr. Cliff Redford goes over an awful story of a dog poisoned by narcotics. (Don't worry, the puppy is okay!) Foreign correspondent Tony Five, feeling wistful, discusses public pools and Trump's VP running mate. Tony hatches a plan to become rich on OnlyFans.
  • 54. Hands Big, Size Big - July 16, 2024

    David's top stories: Brawl at the gynecologist office; The US national anthem, drunk; and Planet Stank. Then, Triin Randloo joins David to discuss her dating website – which takes in a picture of a man's privates and predicts his size and shape. Foreign correspondent Tony Five and David try out SizeHim, and talk about how your super powers can be your "super weaknesses." After that, it's Sex, Et Cetera where sexual health and consent educator Samantha Bitty covers how to have a loving exit from a relationship. Finally, it's Jason "The Germ Guy" Tetro on whether ancient germs could trigger a plague today and how the mayor of Paris will swim in the polluted Seine.
  • 53. Did Anything Happen This Weekend? - July 15, 2024

    David's top stories: Space urine to space water; Etsy bans sex toys; and The curious case of hugging robbers. Music publicist and commentator Eric Alper discusses a K-pop AI experiment and the future of artificial intelligence in music. Licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist Chase Cassine goes over functional freeze. (Check out Chase's book The Sweetest Therapy.) Foreign correspondent Tony Five and David chat about the weekend's busy news cycle. Photographer Carmi Levy walks us through the dramatic photographs from the attempt on former president Trump's life.
  • 52. Skinny Dip Day - July 12, 2024

    Foreign correspondent Tony Five takes over the show. Tony's top stories: Mom's on mushrooms; and Dog-to-human communication with AI. After that, Stéphane Deschênes, the first Canadian President of the International Federation of Naturists discusses International Skinny Dip Day and shares his nude beach etiquette tips. Then, it's psychotherapist Jourdan Travers on the question: Are crushes in relationships harmless or concerning? Tony Five returns to go over two separate Biden gaffes. Toronto-based comedian Natalie Norman shares details about her karaoke birthday. Finally, intern Zach Zhang discusses Pokemon Go, and he and David dive into a clickbait article.