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  • 8. The February Crush List

    Girl therapy with your unqualified therapist. From my obsession with the colour red to my favourite amazon purchase of the month, don't say this months crush list doesn't give you nails - candy by TGBodd-muse dress body light therapy mask - use the code SUZIELED to get 15% off fabletics setpink place mats candles CT lipsticks - new reds and pinks icon baby ta silky lip cream ta body glow serum vintage with everythingSharp objects - available on sky 

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  • 7. I planned my bachelorette trip before getting engaged!?

    Girl therapy with your unqualified therapist. We have the ULTIMATE confessional today. Not only do I hate hen do's but BETTER YET... I planned my hen do before getting engaged. I know. Make it make sense, right?
  • 6. Coming off the pill: one year debrief

    Girl therapy with your unqualified therapist (and unqualified healthcare professional). Coming off the pill can be daunting, especially when there are so many horror stories out there of people who have struggled to transition away from hormonal contraceptives. So let this count as one success story for the record, and whilst this path isn't for everyone, the hope is that it inspires you to explore your options and find what's right for you. Disclaimer: please consult your doctor before making any chances to your birth control plans. This is not healthcare advice, just one persons experience. Trigger waring: this episode contains themes of severe depression and may be distressing to those who have struggled with their metal health or considered taking their own life.
  • 5. How well do we REALLY know each other??? Playing Mr & Mrs with my Fiancé...

    Girl therapy with your unqualified therapist. It's Valentines day, and what better way to celebrate than to play a game that could end in divorce before we're even married?
  • 4. My Plastic Surgery PSA & Q1 Goal Setting (this EP might give you whiplash)

    Girl therapy with your unqualified therapist. Today we're talking about The Price of Perfection, Olivia Atwoods glasses collection, Kylie Jenners face at Couture Fashion Week and IS GENZ REALLY AGING FASTER??? Topped off with my Q1 strategy and tips for setting and sticking to your goals.
  • 3. The January Crush List

    Girl therapy with your unqualified therapist. From cheese toasties and lip balms to some interesting hair removal revelations, don't say this months crush list doesn't give you RANGE. Kimchi cheese toastie recipe seasons hampshire hair rollers Ford Vanilla Sex Roche posay lip balm also... summer Fridays pink sugar lip balm's Road pinky nude tilbury setting spray sweats miu sunglasses salycilic serum @suziebonaldi on instagram and @tsdqpodcast for new episode updates!
  • 2. Our Girls Trip Debrief (ft. Amelia Liana and Victoria Magrath)

    Girl therapy with your unqualified therapist. This is your sign to book a girls trip! Your favourite drama queen is back and she's joined by tik tok it girl Amelia Liana and fashion icon Victoria Magrath. The iconic give us the debrief on their girls trip to Paris and reveal what they're manifesting for each other in 2024. 💖✨ watch the girls behind the scenes of the trip the girls trip to Paris vlog here.