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  • 244. Personal Update: I've Made a Significant Career Change

    Recently, I made a significant change in my life — not quite a new direction, but a new path that's in alignment with what I stand for, my skills, my interests, and what brings meaning to my life. I came to a point in my career where I needed greater financial stability. I started looking into impact-driven community organizations that are working to make a meaningful difference — preferably for LGBTQ+ individuals.---Discover how we can work together if you're an LGBTQ+ creator or change-maker.
  • 243. Pride at Work Canada with Director of Programs, Jade Pichette

    Jade Pichette (they/them) is an inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility professional based in Tkarón:to/Toronto. Currently Jade serves as the Director of Programs at Pride at Work Canada where they work with over 250 large employers across Canada around gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation inclusion. Previously Jade served as the Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator at The ArQuives, the Education Programs Coordinator at Kind Space, and they continue to run an independent inclusion and diversity consulting business as well as serving as an Ásatrú Gythia (priestess) of Vindisir Kindred. They were one of the authors of the Transitioning Employers: A survey of policies and practices for trans inclusive workplaces and the cohost of the Uncovering Belonging Podcast. In their spare time they can be found geeking out over queer, trans, and Norse histories, fire-keeping, and spending time with their chosen family.You can watch the video here:☞ Discover more about how we can work together.
  • 242. Interview with Mark J Silverman: Executive Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, and Best-Selling Author

    In this episode, we talk about Mark recently turning 60, the fallacy of multi-passionate creatives, and what success really means. But our primary focus is Mark's signature approach to productivity, his Only 10s framework. He jokes that if you were to show him your to-do list, it would be like reading tarot cards. He would be able to tell you in an instant what you value, what you like and dislike, and what you're afraid of doing.Show notes, links, and watch the interview on video at Queering Self-Mastery with Darren Stehle.------If you’re a creative change-maker who is struggling to make an impact and create a successful business that you love, let’s meet for a free a discovery coaching session. I’ll help you get the clarity you need to determine your next most productive steps and to get back on track.
  • 241. When You Freely Love Who You Are, You Can Freely Create a Life You Love

    Many people think that you need to come out to be your "authentic self."What does "being authentic" really mean?How is that advice helpful if you're in the closet and have been struggling to come out for years?What if you've been married for decades and are afraid about who you might hurt and what you might lose?If you're in the closet and thinking about coming out, or if you know of someone who's struggling, this episode is about getting clear about your emotional reasons for coming out, and how you can prepare to be as ready — for when it feels "right" for you to come out and freely create a life you love.As mentioned in the episode, if you want to talk with someone about how to come out, or if you're dealing with shame around your gender or sexual identity, let's meet for a private conversation. 
  • 240. The Power of Self-Mastery for Queer Individuals to Strive Higher for the Common Good

    In this episode, I speak with Leadership and Organizational Development Coach, Jeremy Long about the power of self-mastery for queer people.Jeremy Long is a Queer man, Coach, and founder of the Conscious Queer Community. He also is the owner of Enhance Leadership as a Leadership and Organizational Development Coach.Click here for the show notes, video, and links mentioned in the episode: ☞
  • 239. I Knew I Was Gay When I Was Five Years Old

    "Until I was 19 (in 1984), and for almost 15 years, I felt a combination of fear, guilt, shame, unrequited desire, silence, isolation, and otherness."Self-examination and knowing the events, the people, the environments, and the conditions that shaped your past are useful information. This is your personal narrative — and you can do with it what you please. In my case, I was determined to live better in the now than I had been living in my past.The complete show notes are published on Queering Self-Mastery. Sign up for practical tips and strategies for queer-thinking creators and change-makers to create a joyful life, accomplish your goals, and make a difference.---------------If you’re a creator or change-maker who is struggling to make a difference and create a thriving business that you love, let’s meet for a free 90-minute discovery coaching session. I’d like to find out what motivates you and how you want to make a difference in the world.
  • 238. What Is Queering Self-Mastery?

    In this re-cast of the inaugural episode of the Queering Self-Mastery Podcast, I explain,The difference between the Think Queerly Podcast and Queerly Self-MasteryMy reasons for creating a new Substack newsletter.What I mean by 'queering self-mastery.'Why you should subscribe and how Queering Self-Mastery will make a transformational difference in your life.☞ Subscribe to Queering Self-Mastery. 
  • 237. Interview with Michelle Douglas, Executive Director, LGBT Purge Fund

    We start at the very beginning: why she decided to join the Canadian Military. Douglas shares her story of what that was like, falling in love with another woman in her unit for the first time, being honourably discharged, and what happened after. Ironically, Douglas worked for the Canadian Department of Justice for many years, while working in advocacy to keep the government accountable. Douglas explains how in 2016, survivors of the LGBT Purge launched a nationwide class action lawsuit against the Canadian government. She was approached to manage the resulting settlement fund reached in 2018, and the rest is history. Read the complete show notes ☞ Stehle is a Mind-Mastery Coach who works with LGBTQ+ creators, change-makers, and thought leaders to efficiently accomplish their goals, create a life they love, and make a difference in the process.If you're a creator or change-maker who wants to enjoy life and create a thriving business that makes a difference, you'll want to subscribe to my Substack where I publish weekly in-depth self-mastery practices and efficient productivity frameworks.
  • 236. Ever Feel Challenged to Live an Inspired Queer Life?

    For once, I'm the one being asked the questions! Enjoy this re-cast of the podcast, 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk, hosted by Rick Clemons."Ever feel challenged to live an inspired queer life? Feeling aimless and not sure what is next? Fellow Queer coach Darren Stehle challenges us to take a deeper step into self-mastery, ideation, and the journey of inspired action to live our most powerful lives as gay men over 40. You’ll learn useful techniques for bringing your ideal life to life."Rick Clemons is a well-known culture disruptor (in a good way), “closet buster (coming out coach),” and bold move strategist – inspiring people to live life with no excuses, no fears, no apologies. Tapping into his 25+ years of experience in personal development, and leveraging being a late bloomer, coming out of the closet at 36, he’s created a no B.S. approach for thriving as a gay man and father – personally and professionally. Rick loves writing (Frankly My Dear I’m Gay), podcasting (Life (UN)Closeted and 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk), facilitating out-of-the-ordinary personal development experiences and speaking to audiences across the globe on living life without apologies. He loves wine, his two grown daughters, and his husband, in that order (but don’t tell the hubby where he fits in the pecking order). Visit his website at