Things Musicians Don't Talk About


41. Rosie Bennet - Part 1

Ep. 41

Trigger warning: eating disorders and mental illness

Part 1: We are extremely grateful to guitarist Rosie Bennet for letting us into the nooks and crannies of her life story. We talk about Rosie's musical training and her travels all over the world, and the subsequent dark periods in her life that culminated in a breakdown during her years at music college. The way in which Rosie speaks about her life and her music is so poetic and an absolute joy to listen to, despite the depth and heaviness of her journey.

Transcript of this episode

Part 2 will be released this Friday, in which we talk about Rosie's ascent back up from rock bottom.

Rosie's Instagram: @rosiebennetguitar

Fret Not Pod: @fretnotpod

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