They Walk Among Us - UK True Crime


Season 6 - Episode 27

Temperatures dropped as low as -8 degrees celsius in Coventry on Christmas Eve 2014. Sleet fell hard and fast on the street...  



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Court documents and information from the following news organisations were referenced in this episode: BBC NEWS, ITV NEWS, COVENTRY TELEGRAPH, ILFORD RECORDER, WALES ONLINE, DAILY ECHO, BIRMINGHAM MAIL, IRISH EXAMINER and INDEPENDENT 

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Don’t Let Go by Alice In Winter 

Winds of Change by Four Trees 

Jun by Kevin Graham 

Headwind by Wild Wonder 

Ripley by Falls 

Fable by Stephen Keech 

Fractals by Stephen Keech 

Hold this Place by Alice In Winter 

Fractured Light by Stephen Keech 

Another Life by Wild Wonder 

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