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  • 19. Interview with Charlotte Chan

    Jo talks to former University of London and Singapore Institute of Management student - Charlotte Chan - about her studies, her career and her future goals.Charlotte studied the University of London BSc Economics and Management, with academic direction from the London School of Economics, at the Singapore Institute of Management, achieving top mark worldwide in one of her modules. While at SIM Charlotte founded the Innovation and Networking Society and was an active member of the Student Ambassador Society. She went on to work as a Strategy Consultant at Accenture for 5 years and now, having received a Scholarship for academic excellence and contribution to student life at the Singapore Institute of Management, Charlotte is studying for an MBA at the London Business School.

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  • 18. Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

    This is special episode for Mental Health Awareness week, which runs from 15 to 21 May 2023. The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week this year is 'Anxiety'.In this episode Jo from the Student Life Team is joined by Ceri Connelly, Clinical Lead at TalkCampus and Adrian Clark, Student Health and Wellbeing Manager at the University of London, to take your questions on the subject.
  • 17. World Mental Health Day Special

    In this special World Mental Health Day episode, we speak openly and honestly about mental health, mental illness and caring for mental health and wellbeing, answering questions from students all around the world to help raise awareness, destigmatise and normalise these discussions. The range of topics we cover includes depression and anxiety, imposter syndrome, suicide, grief, schizophrenia, caring for yourself while supporting others, and more.This episode is hosted by Jo. Jo is the Associate Director of Student Life at the University of London, committed to providing an excellent, well-rounded student experience to empower students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and flourish academically, professionally and personally.We have three special guests in this episode:Adrian is Student Health & Wellbeing Manager at the University of London and the Warden of Connaught Hall, a University of London intercollegiate hall of residence. With a background of 17 years’ medical practice and a training in emergency medicine, Adrian’s professional interests lie in human factors and crisis resource management, advancing equity in higher education, wellbeing in the LGBTQ+ community, and mindful compassion. He is a Fellow of the RSA and of the RSM.Georgina is Student Wellbeing Manager at the University of London and is part of the team leading on mental health and wellbeing. As a therapeutic practitioner, Georgina has 10 years' experience facilitating writing for wellbeing groups in mental health, education and community settings. She holds an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes, with Certificates in Counselling Skills, Bereavement Awareness, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, and is a Mental Health First Aider.They are joined in conversation by Kyle, who is a University of London student studying the BSc in Computer Science by distance learning, from Malawi. He is also a regular Student Blogger and shares an interest in mental health.Resources discussed: video version of this podcast is avaialble at
  • 16. Winding down after assessments

    Georgina, Student Wellbeing Manager, discusses the importance of winding down after assessments, how to manage your thoughts and cultivate self-compassion, and why being kind to yourself is the most productive way to progress and move forward, whatever your resultsYou can find the resources we talk about, including TalkCampus, on the Wellbeing page of the Student Portal. Your University of London email address, which you will need in order to register with TalkCampus, can be found in your student portal on the TalkCampus page under Wellbeing.The book Georgina mentions is called Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski.Note that towards the end of the podcast we discuss suicidal ideation for a few minutes. This begins at around the 28 minute mark and continues to the end of the episode at around 32 minutes.
  • 15. Games Development with Kyle

    In this episode we chat to Kyle, an undergraduate student based in Malawi. Kyle is studying the BSc Computer Science programme with a specialism in Games Development. Kyle discusses the games that have inspired him to take this degree and seek out a career in Games Development and gives us his perspective on the multi billion dollar gaming industry. We also talk about his experience with the degree so far and how he copes with the pressures of studying. Kyle also becomes the first student to take our ‘How well do you know your University?’ mini quiz.The artwork for this episode of the podcast was kindly provided by Kyle.
  • 14. Our Students - Part 2

    In this end of year episode we’re getting to know two of our current students and hearing about their experiences with the University of London. Amy from the Student Experience Team is joined by Imogen, a postgraduate, Infectious Diseases student from the UK and Shazia, who is studying BA English from South Africa. Both Imogen and Shazia are student bloggers for the University and you can read their work at
  • 13. It's time to talk

    In this, the second of two episodes released to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, Georgina discusses Mental Health with two of our current students: Tanya and Esther.Tanya is a Postgraduate Law Student based in Barbados and Esther is studying Accounting and Finance from Singapore.Georgina is a Student Experience Manager here at the University of London and is part of the team leading on mental health and wellbeing. As a therapeutic practitioner, Georgina has eight years' experience facilitating writing for wellbeing groups in mental health units, education settings, public libraries, and alongside those with caring responsibilities. Some of these projects have resulted in published anthologies, edited by Georgina, of participants’ writing.  Completing her final research year in an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes.