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The Wine Situation

Wine Holiday Wines!!!

Season 6, Ep. 14

April's episode is all things Malbec! Plus a Final Five with a wine woman:) April 17th is Malbec World Day, so in its honor, Elle is reviewing Malbec, Mon Amour, a book by Laura Catena and Alejandro Vigil, the winemakers at Catena. Then, naturally she drinks a delicious glass of Catena Malbec. moving in a different direction, her Final Five segment is with Katja S. Newman of La Cienega Vineyard. Elle can attest to the deliciousness of her wine! Listen in to hear what's she's drinking, what she likes to eat with it, where she'd be interested in making wine besides California, and more!!!

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  • 30. Gorgeous Wines!!!

    What a fantastic talk n' tasting Elle has with month, with Morét Brealynn of (wait for it) Morét-Brealynn Wines! They met last month for a fabulous (and boozy) dinner in the Santa Lucia Highlands, and reunite via Zoom here to discuss how she got into wine, her stealth travel tacos, and challenges she has faced being a woman in the industry. Wines sampled include Stray Cats Muscadelle, Stray Dogs Pinot Noir , and Russian River Valley Pinot Noir.
  • 29. Hip hop Wines!!!

    This week Jermaine Stone of the Wine & Hip Hop podcast joins Elle! He talks about how rap and wine auctioneering collided, what it was like training his palate on the elite of elite wines, and then puts his prowess at pairing wine and hip hop to the test when Elle precures a Chablis. Listen in!
  • 28. Musical Wines!!!

    This week Elle talks with Kristie Tacey, the winemaker behind Tessier Winery. A former scientist, Kristie had an interesting journey towards becoming a winemaker--and she also moonlights as a dj! She pairs her wines with music--for instance Elle and she taste through Electric Ladyland, an orange wine blend that pairs with Jimi Hendrix's "Have You Been (To Electric Ladyland). Grab a bottle of Tessier, check out this week's episode, then pull up Kristie's playlist here!
  • 27. Reunion Wines!!!

    This month, Elle's former co-host Shaughn Buccholz is back for an episode, and they are back to recording at Bar Covell! They get into Shaughn's new life working in aerospace, what living in Texas was like, and what's up next! All of it is washed down by a bottle of rosé from Walla Walla, Oregon! Cayuse Vineyards "Edith" Rosé of Grenache 2020 is a delectable pink drink!
  • 26. Amanda's Wines!!!

    FIRST LIVE INTERVIEW POST PANDEMIC! Elle was thrilled to join Amanda Greenbaum of AJA Vineyards this time--and to taste some of their fabulous wines. They get into Amanda's triple-threat-of-it-all she is trained in wine, beer and spirits in between sipping Chardonnay, rosé and Sauvignon Blanc. GREAT times abound. Listen in!
  • 25. Oregon Wines!

    This month Elle welcomes Kate Ayres of Penner-Ash Wine to the show! The two get into how she went from pursuing a career in veterinary medicine to realizing that wine was just the thing she never knew she needed to do. She traveled the world and has now settled in her native Oregon to make wine at Penner Ash. Tune in to hear her and Elle discuss a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir, and Kate's journey in the wine world!
  • 24. Helping Women Wines!!!

    This week it's an OG longford interview with Kristin Barnhisel, the winemaker responsible for the white wines of J. Lohr! They get into how she got going, some science geekery (learn all about clones!), and she also shared the #JLohrwomen movement. Right now applications are open to shadow at the winery! They also pop a couple of bottles, the "Gesture", a blend of Roussanne, Grenache Blanc and Viognier, as well as the Arroyo Vista Chardonnay. Open a bottle yourself and listen in!
  • 24. Bella Wines, Bella Guests!

    This week it is a double dose of Bellas! The wine on tap is a delightful Late Harvest Zinfandel from Bella Winery, and the guest for the Final Five is Bella Crimson, an actor, model, budding stunt person and content creator Elle met on set of the movie she's working on. All that brings us to the other two segments (rife with tangents of course) this month: a catchup on the movie set actor life that has monopolized Elle's month, as well as an installment of On the Food Side where Elle goes deep on what she's getting fed on set. It's a lot in a lot of ways. Grab a snack and a drink and tune in!Follow Elle on Instagram @ellenclifford
  • Crushable Wines!!!

    This month Elle's got a Grenache by Filaments and wowwwwww is it easy to crush! There's also a life update and a question for listeners, It's all wrapped up with the Final Five questions with Dan Ahdoot, Cobra Kai actor, host of the Green Eggs and Dan podcast, and author of the upcoming Undercooked: How I Let Food Become My Life Navigator and How Maybe That's a Dumb Way to Live.