The Wine Situation


Adam Roberts and Therapeutic Wines!

Episode 3.3 starts with a hip hip hurray because it’s hip sip tip from the team. It took him some time but Shaughn is coming around to carbonic maceration reds! Ellen, meanwhile is enjoying Palo Cortado sherry.

Then, they welcome Adam Roberts, author of the Amateur Gourmet blog and host of the Lunch Therapy to the podcast! Shaughn and Ellen both agree the Amateur Gourmet Instagram is a favorite. 

Adam’s wine situation started with getting to judge a wine writing contest for the James Beard awards—before he even knew anything about wine. He never let himself spend too much on a bottle to save his pennies for high quality food, but knows where to find good bottles in Los Angeles!

He explains his new podcast, which uses what a person has for lunch to have a therapy session—food unlocks life!

I honor of Ellen’s birthday they get into a bottle of her birth year Sauternes by Chateau de Fargues aka d’Yquem junior! It’s an astounding dessert wine from Bordeaux made with botrytized grapes. 

They all, in the words of David “love this juice”.

At the end, they ask Adam a final five questions for their collaboration with Delectable and cheers to (possibly) the best wine the show has seen.

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