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Jeremy Vine

Season 5

On today’s Season 5 Finale, I’m joined by one of the UK’s leading broadcasters and most recognisable voices, Jeremy Vine.

Jeremy began his journalism career as a BBC reporter for the Today show before becoming the BBC’s political correspondent at Westminster, and the BBC’s Africa correspondent based out of Johannesburg.

He worked alongside Jeremy Paxman as a presenter on Newsnight and back in 2015 he donned his dancing shoes becoming a hugely popular contestant on Strictly Come Dancing - although his first dance with partner Karen Clifton was scored a ‘2’ by judge Craig Revel-Horwood.

These days, Jeremy’s based back in the UK, and along with his eponymous daily topical programme on Ch5, his daily BBC radio 2 programme is the most listened to news show on UK radio. He’s also an accomplished author and tells us about his latest novel, which is set in Spain. 

Given his day job involves chatting to anyone and everyone, it’s no surprise that Jeremy had no shortage of conversation today and we have a great time dashing around the world today with his travel diaries, from the Channel Islands to an island off Canada, Siberia to Oman. This is a fun one, I really hope you enjoy it. So, Let’s get started. 

Destination Recap:

- Jersey, England

- Alderney, England

- The Blonde Hedgehog, Alderney, England 

- Johannesburg, South Africa

- Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

- Siberia, Russia

- Oman

- Appledore, Devon, England 

- Glasgow, Scotland

- Dali Museum, Figueres, Spain -

Cadaques, Spain

- Sitges, Spain

- Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland, Canada

Jeremy’s novel The Diver and The Lover is out now in paperback - a great read for a summer holiday. 

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And with that, it’s a wrap for Season 5. Thank you so much to all my lovely guests for transporting us all around the world. And most importantly, thank you, my incredible listeners, for tuning in each week, for taking the podcast over one and a half million downloads, across 160 countries - what a dream come true. If you’re enjoying the podcast, leaving a review or five star rating is the best way to show your support, on your podcast app of choice. All the destinations mentioned by my guests are always included in the episode show notes, on my website and also on my Instagram page @hollyrubenstein where I publish and save weekly guest guides, which plot out all the locations that have been discussed. 

And it’s not long until I’m back - we’ve got a couple of wonderful destination specials coming up, the first in a couple of weeks celebrating all things Caribbean, so keep an eye out for that. I’m off to Cornwall, again, and then to Provence in France. You can follow my travels on social media and as ever I’d love to hear from you. 

Season 6 will return in the autumn. Have a wonderful rest of your summer, and I’ll be back soon. 

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Fantastic Finland Christmas Special with Tracy-Ann Oberman - Bonus Episode

Season 6
Today, we’re embarking on a journey to the far north of Europe.To a place of summer midnight sun and the magical northern lights of the winter.The Land of a Thousand Lakes.A place where saunas are as common as cafes. And, with just a few days to go until Christmas, I imagine it’s a hive of activity given that Lapland in the north of the country is the home of Santa Claus and his elves.Of course, I’m talking about Fantastic Finland.And I’m joined by two wonderful guests today to help bring this diverse and beautiful country to life. First, we’ll hear from the actress Tracy-Ann Oberman. You’ll know Tracy-Ann from shows like EastEnders,Friday Night Dinner,It’s A Sinand Ridley Road. She has a special connection to Finland, which she'll tell us about when she shares her Finnish travel diaries, coming up.And then, we’re joined by Finland Destination Expert, and food and travel writer, Bre Graham, who has travelled extensively around the country, and shares so many brilliant different recommendations and tips, for places to visit, stay, eat, and what to bring home in your suitcase.Tracy-Ann Oberman’s Destination Recap:Temppeliaukio Church, HelsinkiRestaurant Nasinneula, TampereMuseum Centre Vapriikki, TampereSuomenlinna, HelsinkiMoomin World, NaantaliBre’s Recap:Löyly Helsinki sauna, HelsinkiGoodio Chocolate Factory,VantaaNolla Restaurant, HelsinkiFinnish LaplandLake Inari, SápmiAlbina Ravintola & Viinibaari, Kallio, HelsinkiSt George Hotel, HelsinkiLapland Hotel, HelsinkiIf you would like to read more about Finland head to you enjoyed today’s episode don’t forget to subscribe. And come and follow me on Instagram - I’m @hollyrubenstein. Have a very Happy Christmas and thanks so much for listening.

Brian Chesky, Airbnb Co-Founder & CEO

Season 6
Today’s guest is the co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, an interview that has been years in the making, and a real honour.For billions of us, including myself, Airbnb has completely changed the way we travel. It opened up people’s homes, creating an army of Superhosts in the process, bringing tourists and locals far closer together. It’s no short of lie that Airbnb created a travel revolution.So you could say today’s episode is both Brian’s and Airbnb’s. For a CEO of his magnitude, it’s clearly hard for him to separate the two. The story of how Airbnb came to be, is not what you’d expect. Brian went to design school, he’s an artist, and came from humble beginnings. In fact, it was cereal boxes that first got Airbnb off the ground - you’ll have to stay tuned to hear Brian explain more about that, as part of the fascinating and surprising twists and turns on the path to Airbnb’s global domination.Brain’s answers are very philosophical and a goldmine of both travel and business wisdom. As he says himself, he was a host before he was a traveler and many of his answers reflect that mindset. Travel for him is about getting into a locals POV. You won’t get luxury hotels, you’ll get stories of people and experiences.We also hear at the end how Airbnb are pivoting to drive the next revolution in travel.I hope you enjoy it.Destination Recap:St Louis, Missouri, USARhode Island School of Design (RISD), USALos Angeles, California, USASan Francisco, California, USAFlatbush, Brooklyn, New York, USATokyo, JapanThe Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, California, USAIf you want to follow in mine and Brian's footsteps and become a host on airbnb you can go sign up, and try speak to other UK hosts for advice.Thank you to today's sponsor, DK Eyewitness. Find their guides on special offer at - simply enter the code DKEYEWITNESS at checkout for a 10% discount.If you’re enjoying the podcast, then it would be wonderful if you could leave a rating or a review on your podcast app - it really makes a big difference because it helps other people to discover the podcast.And to hear future episodes as soon as they’re released don’t forget to hit subscribe or “follow” on your podcast app of choice.To find out who’s joining me on next week’s episode, come and follow me on Instagram, I’m @hollyrubenstein - I’d love to hear from you.If you can’t wait until then, there’s always the first five seasons to catch up on, with guests from Sir Michael Palin and Jo Malone, to Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Raymond Blanc.

Michel Roux Jr

Season 6
Today, I’m joined by a legend of the culinary world, the chef, restaurateur and broadcaster, Michel Roux Jr. Michel was practically born in a kitchen when his mother went into labour during service at his father’s restaurant. He’s the son of Albert Roux and the nephew of Michel Roux, brothers who revolutionised the restaurant business in the UK when they opened Le Gavroche in 1967, famously becoming the first establishment in this country to gain one, two and then three Michelin stars. When his father retired in 1993, Michel Jr took over the world-famous restaurant, quickly becoming a household name on TV shows like Masterchef The Professionals, Remarkable Places to Eat and he now has a new TV show, set in Provence, which he’ll tell us all about. Chefs tend be very well travelled, and Michel is no exception. His travel diaries take us on a delectable journey from Lyon to Hong Kong, The Seychelles to Las Vegas.Destination Recap:ScotlandShipbourne, Kent, EnglandFairlawne Estate, Kent, EnglandParis, FranceLyons, FranceHong KongAberdeen, Hong KongWest Coast of USASpago Restaurant, San Francisco, USAChez Panisse, San Francisco, USAThe SeychellesBird Island, SeychellesMarie Antoinette restaurant, Mahe, SeychellesLas Vegas, Nevada, USAMacauArdèche, FrancePont Sant Espirit, France IndiaSouth AmericaWatch Michel Roux's French Country Cooking as a boxset exclusivelyon Discovery+.Thank you to my sponsors -The Tourism Authority of Thailand welcomes you to join them for Visit Thailand Year 2022 - Amazing New Chapters. Find the A-Z of amazing things to see and do in Thailand and the latest travel advice Private Island, an exclusive luxury island resort in the Maldives. Visitnaladhu.comto find out more and book that trip of a lifetime.To find out who’s joining me next week, follow me on Instagram, I’m @hollyrubenstein. If you can’t wait until then, there’s always the first five seasons to catch up on, with guests from Sir Michael Palin to Heston Blumenthal.