The Tip Off


Ep. 57 Evicted in a pandemic

Season 9, Ep. 57

What do you do if the data you need doesn’t exist? 

When the pandemic hit I couldn’t stop wondering about how the impact of lockdown, sickness or bereavement on people’s ability to pay their rent or mortgage. I wanted to know more, but I couldn’t do it alone. This is the story of how a group of more than 20 journalists, all across England and Wales, came together in one of the largest court-reporting projects of its kind.

Read all about it: 

This show is a co-production of Studio to be. 

Hosted and produced: Maeve McClenaghan 

Co-Executive Producers: Joaquin Alvarado and Ken Ikeda

Producer: Olivia Aylmer

Audio Editing and sound design: Maeve McClenaghan

Voice acting: Francis Whittaker

Original music: Claudia Meza

Theme music: Dice muse

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