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The Sunday 7 - Healthcare risks from the Roe vs Wade decision, Great big Bacteria, AI babies and sustainable Glastonbury fashion…

Ep. 748

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Today's episode includes the following guests:


  • Dr. Jamila Perritt - OBGYN and CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health
  • Grace Reeves - Fashion designer
  • Lorijn Zaadnoordijk - Postdoctoral Researcher at Trinity College Dublin
  • Michael Mahony - Professor of Life Sciences at the University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Jean-Marie Volland - Marine Biologist at  the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Neil Stubley - Head Groundsman at Wimbledon
  • Michael Pollan - Author of How to Change Your Mind


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Presented by Jamie East, written by Olivia Davies and produced by Daft Doris.

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