The Shit Show Of My Twenties


Becoming A Magnetic Women With Lilli Bewley

Today I am joined by Lilli Bewley. Lilli Bewley is a Dating Coach with over 10 years of experience in personal development. She, herself, went from just surviving in life to thriving in love & purpose. Currently, she is helping women who are single & struggling to date with confidence so that they too can find epic, magnetic, extraordinary love with their soulmate. Lilli is on a mission to educate people on how dating can be fun again after a divorce or even in their 30s, 40s & even if they’ve been single forever.

We have the ability to create magnetic energy in our dating lives even if we have to perform & be high achievers in other areas of our lives. After over hundreds of coaching hours, her LOVE Method & DATE with Authenticity Framework guides women to finding the fulfillment & joy in the dating process and in finding their person.


We talk about having epic love, the feminine dating archetypes, making dating fun, and healing.

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